Are you one of those people who consider yourself a fan of teas? Well then, the tip we bring in this publication is special for you. Did you know that the time for consumption of each type of herb makes a difference in terms of the benefits promoted by such herbs?

Well then. And it was with this in mind that Tea Benefits prepared a list of the ideal herbs for each period of your day. Check it out below:

During the morning

At dawn, when still fasting, it is recommended to give preference to teas capable of raising the level of body energy and providing energy for another day that is just beginning. Therefore, replace the use of coffee (which, if consumed in excess, can be harmful) with infusions considered to be energetic.

The tip is to drink these teas always half an hour before or after breakfast, so that it does not interfere with the absorption of nutrients. Thus, for this period of the day, the following teas are recommended:

  • Green tea
  • Black tea
  • Yerba mate Tea
  • Infusion of orange peel with cinnamon
  • Cinnamon with Ginger

right after lunch

As lunch is considered the heaviest meal of the day, the recommendation is to ingest, after it, a digestive infusion, capable of facilitating the digestion process. Wait half an hour after eating lunch to drink the tea, because this way the body has had enough time to break down part of the necessary nutrients. Check below the most recommended teas for after lunch:

  • Mint tea
  • Boldo tea
  • apple tea
  • Lemon balm tea
  • jasmine tea
  • Ginger tea

Evening tea

Do you know the famous and traditional “Chá das Cinco” taken by the British? It is an infusion whose preparation involves black tea and milk. It is traditionally consumed very hot. Well, and the English are right in this tradition, since drinking tea in the late afternoon can help the individual to “keep pace” until the end of work or even until the time of workout. Therefore, the consumption of energy teas is recommended. See some indications:

  • White tea
  • black tea with milk

before bedtime

When it’s time for sleep, there’s nothing better than “making way” for herbs capable of providing the relaxation you deserve for sleep time. They are ideal plants for the consumption of your infusion at night, as they stimulate sleep and some even help in digestion and eliminate the feeling of heaviness due to the meal made at dinner. Check out some indications:

  • chamomile tea
  • melissa tea
  • Fennel Tea
  • lemongrass tea