Teas serve us for many purposes. Whether to promote relaxation, treat a health problem, provide a tasty taste or even help with weight loss. In addition to being tasty, some of these drinks are able to stimulate the metabolism, fight fluid retention, eliminate toxins from the body and thus leave the consumer feeling good about the body and the balance.However, not all teas promote this change in the human body. Therefore, we decided to bring hot drinks capable of deflating quickly, safely and healthy.

10 Powerful Slimming Allies

White tea

This tea is rich in caffeine, a substance that helps eliminate toxins and excess sodium in the body. For this reason, this herb is known to have a diuretic action and, through it, reduces the accumulation of harmful substances and reduces body weight, especially areas that swell easily.

Black tea

Like white tea, this tea also has high levels of caffeine. Thus, it is able to accelerate the metabolism in the body and consequently the elimination of fluid accumulation. It deflates the parts of the body, as the treatment is intensified and the best thing: it has few calories. The tip is to consume after meals, with the exception of dinner.

Green tea

Another drink that has a lot of caffeine, as it goes through the same process as black tea. It is known for its reputation as an antioxidant and, therefore, it is capable of completely detoxifying the body. To make tea, just add two tablespoons to a liter of boiling water. Drink after meals, but avoid nighttime consumption so as not to disturb your sleep.

Hibiscus tea

To prepare this tea is very simple. Just boil a liter of filtered water and add two tablespoons of hibiscus. Then let the mixture steep for approximately 15 minutes. Those who consume this drink are benefiting from its diuretic, digestive, laxative and thermogenic action. Promoting health to the digestive tract.

Ginger tea with lemon

This tea works as a metabolizer, helping the body to lose calories. To benefit from this drink, follow a few steps. First, heat a cup of water and before boiling add a slice of ginger. Leave for five minutes, then strain and squeeze the lemon into the drink. And that’s it, just continue the treatment until you notice the improvements.

pineapple tea

Contrary to what people think, pineapple tea is not made with its pulp, but with the fruit peels boiled in a liter of water. This drink helps the body to deflate, decreasing the body’s fluid retention. In addition, pineapple tea is able to improve the functioning of the body, especially the digestive tract.

horsetail tea

In addition to maintaining important nutrients in the body, horsetail is able to promote natural cleansing in the body, eliminating substances that are harmful to human health. It is also responsible for expelling fluid that is trapped in the body tissues and causing swelling in the body. To make tea, use 500 ml of water for every two tablespoons of the herb.

blackberry tea

If you want to combat fluid retention with more flavor, the ideal drink is blackberry tea. In addition to having a peculiar taste, it is able to deflate the body, promoting lightness for those who consume it. To prepare it, boil a liter of water and then add five blackberry leaves. Wait for the mixture to rest for five minutes and then just enjoy the benefits.

coot tea

With a laxative and diuretic power, this tea is ideal for those who want to eliminate trapped liquid and who want to do well with the scales. Unlike the previous one, this one has a bitter taste so to accompany it, the consumer can add a honey or lemon drops.

Apple Peel Tea and Cinnamon

This one, in turn, has a very tasty taste and a pleasant aroma. It is considered a natural fat burner and can aid body processes. To do this, wash the skins of four very red apples and bring to the fire together with half a liter of water and two cinnamon sticks. Then let it boil for 15 minutes. After the specified time, strain and wait for it to cool. Then, just drink and enjoy the benefits of this drink.