Green tea is known to speed up the body’s metabolism and thus, consequently, manages to reduce localized fat. By helping consumers to lose weight, green tea also prevents the emergence of various diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure.

The drink still manages to promote satiety, improves mood, works to facilitate digestion and also serves as a great antioxidant, working to fight free radicals.

What few people know is that it is not just the tea itself that has beneficial effects for its consumers.

If you, when preparing the tea, end up discarding the leaves after infusion, stop this practice now and learn how these elements can be useful in your daily life.

It is noteworthy that the leaves need to be dry before any application. Therefore, after preparing the green tea, strain the leaves and put them to dry in the sun. When they are completely dry, they will be ready for the following uses.

1. Promotes tranquility during sleep

Just add some used green tea leaves inside your pillow for a peaceful, sound night’s sleep.

According to Chinese culture, this technique is an ally of those who suffer from insomnia and can be used to calm the mood, lower blood pressure and even relieve severe headaches.

2. Natural insecticide

When burned, green tea leaves give off a pleasant smell to human noses. However, who seem not to be pleased with this smell are the insects, which end up being repelled by this same aroma.

Mochas and mosquitoes are scared away with this technique, so burn the leaves and spread them all over the house.

3. Clean furniture

It doesn’t work exactly like polished furniture, but it’s great for cleaning furniture all over the house. Just apply the used green tea leaves, however dry, in the area to be cleaned, always rubbing them.

Then use a damp cloth to finish. The herb helps in cleaning, as it can more easily bind the accumulated dust.

4. Reduces ambient humidity

Take advantage of the dry leaves by spreading them around the house to prevent them from getting wet.

The problem, in fact, is not the humidity, but the resulting mildew, which causes a bad smell in the rooms of the house and on items of clothing.

5. Carpet cleaner

Just as the sheets, when applied to furniture, help to remove accumulated dust, they are also able to clean carpets more easily.

Just place the herbs on the mat and wait a few minutes. Then just use the vacuum or broom.

6. Eliminates bad odors in refrigerators

Unfortunately, when some foods are placed in the fridge they end up leaving a bad smell. To prevent this from happening, choose to leave green tea leaves in a container.

This way, you don’t need to clean the entire refrigerator to get rid of an isolated problem.

7. It works as a fertilizer

After removing the green tea leaves from the sun, place them in a spray bottle with filtered water. Leave to soak for two days, then strain the liquid and finish by spraying the substance on your plants.

With this practice, you guarantee a healthy growth of the plant and also ward off possible pests.

8. Avoid foot odor

Green tea leaves also work as a foot odor eliminator. To do this, boil enough water to make a footbath and add the used leaves.

Soak your feet in water and stay for up to 20 minutes, then dry. Repeat this process every night, preferably before bed.

9. Eliminates acne

If you have problems with pimples and blackheads, be aware that green tea leaves can be a simple, easy and economical solution to get rid of this problem.

Simply rub the herbs into the affected areas and then rinse them off with running water. Repeat this procedure every day, preferably at night, before bed.