Of Brazilian origin, catuaba is a tree known for its  aphrodisiac properties  found in its bark. With the scientific name Anemopaegma arvense, this is a medicinal plant endemic to the Cerrado and was so explored in the middle of the last century that it almost became extinct.

“Currently A. arvense is on the list of endangered flora in Brazil, in the vulnerable category (BDT, 2002), because all the collection of plants in the natural habitat is carried out in a predatory extractive manner.” (1)

For those suffering from  sexual impotence,  catuaba is one of the most excellent plants for treatment. That’s because it helps in the blood circulation of the penile vessels. To better understand the properties of this natural product, we spoke with pharmacist Caroline França.

Benefits and properties of catuaba tea

According to the pharmacy professional, in addition to being an aphrodisiac, catuaba is also an antibacterial and antioxidant . In addition, the plant acts as a central nervous system stimulant as well as a tonic and vasodilator.

Also according to Caroline France, this plant is indicated for the treatment of sexual impotence and prostatitis. The latter refers to a swelling of the prostate that can arise from an infection, injury, or immune system disorder.

The plant has also “been studied for its possible protection benefits against opportunistic infections in HIV carriers”, cites the professional.

For all that, catuaba is generally used to end sexual impotence, especially when it comes to the male genitals. It is also “commonly used for asthenia (tiredness and muscle weakness), lack of memory or forgetfulness, and sexual weakness,” says pharmacist Caroline França.

“One to three cups of tea of ​​the root should be consumed daily against impotence, weakness, agitation, nervousness, neurasthenia, poor memory, forgetfulness and insomnia. Its
roots are normally used in the form of tea (Zanolari et al., 2005)” (2)

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How to make tea?

To enjoy all the benefits and properties mentioned above, you can prepare and consume catuaba tea as follows:


  • 1 liter of water
  • 1 tablespoon of catuaba peel

Method of preparation

First, put the water in a pot and bring it to the fire. Once the liquid is boiling, turn off the heat and add the bark of the dried plant.

Then cover the container and let the tea brew after 10 minutes. Then just strain and drink.

According to the pharmacist, those who want to take advantage of the plant’s aphrodisiac effects should consume one to three cups of tea a day. However, you should not follow this treatment for many months.

Catuaba tea with ginger

Those who want to further enhance the results of catuaba tea can use ginger in the recipe. That’s because, this root also has stimulant properties, improving blood circulation.

For this reason, Caroline França claims that an erection can be more powerful and prolonged. Therefore, ginger tea with catuaba can improve male sexual performance.

To prepare, just boil two and a half cups of filtered water. Then add two tablespoons of cut ginger and two more of catuaba bark.

Cover the mixture and wait for the tea to be ready after 10 minutes of brewing. Then just drink and enjoy the benefits.

Catuaba with rosemary

For Caroline, catuaba tea with rosemary “is an excellent natural tea that can be used to treat male sexual impotence .”

Those who want to enjoy this mixture should make the tea using 10 grams of dried catuaba husks and 10 grams of dried rosemary.

First, put a liter of filtered water to a boil. Then pour the liquid over the mixed herbs. Then just cover and wait for the tea to be ready for 15 minutes.

Also according to the professional, it is recommended to use the drink for up to four times throughout the day. However, it is not recommended to spend more than a week enjoying this natural treatment.

Other ways to consume this plant

In addition to the tea made with dried catuaba husks, this natural product can also be found in other formats, such as capsules and plant powder.

While the powder can be used in tea recipes, replacing the dry houses, the capsules can be ordered from a compounding pharmacy. “Its usual concentration can be 200 mg, taking 1 capsule a day”, indicates the pharmacist.

Catuaba barks can be found at open markets, but Caroline remembers to be careful when choosing the products. “It is important to try to make sure that you are purchasing a quality product”, he warns.

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What are the side effects of catuaba tea?

Even though it is a natural remedy, care must be taken when consuming it. “Before taking it, the most reliable thing is to look for qualified professionals, it is essential to receive an opinion from a professional before starting the consumption of any herb or supplement”, explains Caroline.

In the case of catuaba, consumption in excess or without guidance can cause headaches and dizziness . This is because the plant directly interferes with the central nervous system.

Feeling confused or having difficulty concentrating may also be common. In addition, improper use of this plant can cause stomach irritation and muscle spasms.

Using this tea to improve male potency is often effective. However, when the result is not satisfactory, it is best to consult a doctor to find out what other natural treatment you can do before adhering to the medications.


“ Pregnant or breastfeeding women should avoid catuaba tea, ” warns pharmacist Caroline França. In addition to these groups, people with allergies or sensitivity to the plant should also avoid it.