The cafeteria is an appliance dear to many people, especially for those who love an espresso. But coffee shops are not just for making one of the most consumed beverages by Brazilians.

With the device, we can prepare other very tasty drinks, such as cappuccinos and teas. A good example of teas that can be brewed in the coffeemaker are Dolce Gusto, perfect for breakfast, afternoon or evening snacks.

The teas that can be made in coffee makers

See below for some information about Dolce Gusto teas, a creation of Nescafé, which can be made in coffee makers.

Chai Tea Latte Dolce Gusto

This tea presents a combination of flavors and an oriental touch, due to the presence of ingredients such as black tea, milk and spices from countries like China, Morocco and India.

In addition to the delicious flavor, which also has a touch of cloves, cinnamon, ginger and cardamom, the drink leaves a little foam that makes the tea creamier.

Nestea Lemon and Nestea Peach

Nestea iced teas are among the favorites for those hotter days, as they are quite refreshing. And did you know that you can also prepare these teas in the comfort of your own home?

Dolce Gusto coffee makers allow both Nestea Lemon and Nestea Peach to be made by you at any time of the day.

Marrakesh Style Tea Dolce Gusto

Marrakesh Style Tea is recommended for those who prefer more refreshing flavors, as it is a combination of ingredients such as green tea and mint. As the name implies, this drink is inspired by Moroccan teas.

Marrakesh Style Tea Dolce Gusto can be taken hot or cold and also leaves a foam that pleases your palate even more.