Given all the variety of plants that nature provides, it is complex to know what benefits each can offer to the body, which is why it is important to always stay informed about the natural treatments available. An example of this is ipecuanha, an herb with properties ranging from digestive function to expectorant.

What are the benefits of ipecuanha?

The main beneficial effect of this plant is related to its power to treat gastric problems, especially regarding the emptying of the stomach when there is no possibility of performing a gastric lavage. By having this action, it prevents the body against dysentery, poor digestion and intoxication of the digestive system.

In addition to these benefits, ipecuanha can also be used to treat respiratory problems that affect the lungs and bronchi. Thus, it is indicated to eliminate bronchitis, acute cough and whooping cough. It can also reduce fevers.

How to prepare this tea

Online or physical health food stores can be the right places to find the roots of ipecuanha, a product that will be used to make tea and follow the natural treatment. When purchasing the herb, crush the root to use it in powder form. Take two tablespoons of the substance and add it to a liter of filtered water, bring everything to the fire and bring it to a boil.

After 10 minutes of boiling, turn off the heat, cover the container and wait another 10 minutes to infuse. After the specified time, strain the tea and drink up to three cups during the day. Always respecting this maximum dose, just as not to put the clinical situation at risk.

Contraindications and side effects

Even though it is a natural product, it is not recommended to use ipecuanha tea without medical supervision, considering that plants can also cause negative reactions in the human body. This is because, in some cases, there is an excessive intake or there is drug interaction with other remedies found in drugstores.

In addition to this precaution, it is important that pregnant women, nursing mothers and children under 12 years old do not use this medication, as it may react negatively in their bodies. Another point regarding use concerns the dosage, which must be respected, avoiding excessive consumption and secondary problems that may arise such as vomiting, shock, seizures, tachycardia, difficulty breathing, etc.