Cardamom tea has been used as an alternative treatment for centuries, being part of the Chinese, Indian, Vietnamese and Korean pharmacopeias.

The drink can be used for various treatments, but the main specialty of cardamom tea is to relieve discomfort in the upper digestive tract, such as gas, digestive problems, dilation in the abdomen, among others. Cardamom has properties that fight spasms and gas and also stimulate appetite and salivation.

Benefits and Properties of Cardamom Tea

The oil extracted from the plant heats slightly and serves as an excellent analgesic, helping to relieve pain such as cramps and gas. It can also be used to soothe feelings of nausea or indigestion.

This hot action is also considered a mild antiseptic, being a great way to relieve and treat throat problems, respiratory diseases such as asthma and bronchitis and even relieve chest pain.

Cardamom tea is also reputed to be a great sexual stimulant, especially for the male audience.

side effects

If the tea is consumed in large doses, there may be some side effects such as nausea and vomiting.


Children, the elderly and people with a very sensitive stomach should see a specialist before drinking cardamom tea. If even after drinking the tea the symptoms continue, seek help from a professional in the field.