Bromelia pinguin is a plant that belongs to the Bromeliaceae family, but can be called by other names such as bromelia penguin, caravatá, Gravatá.

However, the herb is better known as caraguata and is used to eliminate ailments that affect human health. The benefits provided by this plant can be achieved through its tea, so learn to do it below.

Caraguata Properties

  • Diuretic;
  • Emollient;
  • Expectorant;
  • Tonic;
  • Vermifuge.

Ways to use tea


There are two tea recipes, one to treat coughs and the other to eliminate mucosal affections. In the first situation, it is necessary to have a caraguata fruit cut into four pieces and a cup of boiled water. Then just combine the ingredients and leave it sweltered for five minutes.

Then strain the liquid and add two teaspoons of crystalline sugar to the recipe. Return the tea to the fire and leave until the sugar is completely dissolved. Even though this recipe is tea, the idea is to drink it as a syrup. Therefore, it is recommended to ingest three tablespoons (of soup) a day, until the cough passes.

Canker sores

The second recipe is simpler, instead of the fruit, it is time to use the leaves. Just a tablespoon of the chopped leaves in a cup of boiling water is enough to prepare the tea and treat mouth affections. With the liquid still on the fire, add the leaves.

After three minutes on fire, remove the mixture, strain and add 3 drops of propolis. For effective treatment, rinse your mouth three times a day until healing is achieved.

essential care

This tea should not be used externally or ingested by pregnant women, considering that its active ingredients can interfere with pregnancy and harm both women and their babies. In addition to this restriction, the use of this natural remedy should also be avoided by nursing mothers, so as not to alter the taste and properties of breast milk.