There are many concerns we have around our health, and both men and women are affected by different diseases that can affect many parts of the body. Men, however, suffer from some illnesses differently from women. They may suffer from high blood pressure more often than women, and they may also suffer from erectile dysfunction and prostate problems, which are very gender-specific problems.

How can ginseng help?

The plant known as ginseng has been used for many years, since ancient times, by the Chinese. Ginseng contains numerous benefits, being an excellent natural medicine to stimulate the immune system, improving male health, increasing circulation and acting as an excellent antioxidant.

It is indicated to relieve symptoms caused by decreased testosterone levels due to age, also combating impotence caused by poor circulation. Helps improve sexual performance as well as male fertility. In addition, it improves heart health, thus preventing heart disease, which, according to research, is the leading cause of death in male patients.

And how can green tea help?

Green tea, in turn, also quite common and used for many years in China, provides benefits to heart health, decreasing the risk of heart disease and improving cholesterol levels. In addition, it is rich in antioxidants, fighting the action of free radicals and fighting premature aging. The plant also helps promote weight loss and acts as a natural energy drink.

Green tea with ginseng


  • Green Tea
  • ginseng

Method of preparation

Take the same amount of herbs and mix. From this mixture, use the proportion of 12 g for each liter of water.

In a container, bring the water to a boil. While waiting, put the herb in another container and set aside. When it reaches the boiling point, turn off the heat and pour the water over the reserved herb. Cover and let stand for approximately ten minutes. Then just strain and consume.


No side effects and contraindications were found in the literature consulted, but it is recommended that, always before starting a treatment, even if it is natural, the patient should seek medical advice. Plants, as well as industrialized drugs, can present drug interactions, which may affect other treatments or not have the desired effect.