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Teas that help you sleep

by Dianna Leon

More people are suffering from sleep disorders every day. The causes are many and treatments are often complicated. However, there are simple ways to relieve tension and get back to sleep regularly. And of great help in this are calming teas such as chamomile and lemongrass.

What can cause common insomnia?

  • stress
  • Noisy environments
  • Anxiety
  • Environment changes
  • Age (for over 60 years old)
  • disorganized hours
  • Smoke
  • Alcohol
  • Caffeine

What about chronic insomnia?

  • Arthritis
  • Depression
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Asthma
  • Heart problems
  • hyperthyroidism
  • Narcolepsy

How to stop sleep problems?

Generally, to end insomnia, you need to know where it came from. In the case of chronic insomnia, treatment prescribed by a doctor will be necessary. However, for all cases, there are some simple ways to regulate sleep. For example, avoid caffeine, don’t take naps during the day, make a routine with certain bedtimes and stick to it, avoid eating too close to bedtime and have some tea!

Tea Recipes to Help Sleep

chamomile tea

Chamomile is well known for treating sleep disorders. It has great calming power that helps its users get a good night’s sleep.

To make, boil a pint of water and add a cup of dried chamomile flowers. Leave the container covered for fifteen minutes and drink the tea three to four times a day. No need to sweeten it, as the flavor is already smooth and pleasant.

god tea

The tea from the bark of the mulungu tree is rich in calming and sleeping substances, calming the nervous system and preventing anxiety attacks.

To make, boil a cup of water with two tablespoons of the bark and branches of the tree for ten minutes. After that, let the drink sit sweltered for another ten minutes to be able to strain and drink. That cup before bed helps a lot.

lemon grass tea

Lemongrass is well known for being a natural relaxant. Your tea helps relax your nerves and muscles before bed.

To make this tea, use one of the methods: infusion or decoction. In the first case, boil the water, remove from heat and add the leaves of the plant, leaving it to rest for a few minutes to be able to strain and drink. In the second, boil the lemon grass leaves together with water for a few minutes, then strain, let it warm and drink.

Lettuce and apple tea

Lettuce juice is very suitable for those who have sleep disorders, however the tea of ​​lettuce leaves along with some apple peel is also a good choice before bedtime.

To make, place a lettuce leaf and pieces of apple peel in a cup of boiling water. Let the drink settle and only after it has cooled down drink it. It can be sweetened if you prefer.

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