“ What is black tea for ?” is one of the most used questions lately. That’s because, like other infusions, black tea is gaining more and more space in the daily lives of Brazilians.

So, whether because of the flavor or the benefits that these drinks bring, many people are becoming fans of teas. But, do you know how to infuse this drink? To clarify all doubts about black tea, Tea Benefits brought this article.

However, before starting to talk about the positive effects of this tea, it is important to understand a little about its origin. In this case, our central character is actually one of the many teas made from the Camellia sinensis plant  .

Furthermore, it is a drink that can be served in combination with others. In this way, it is possible to improve the flavor of the infusion and enhance the benefits already found in black tea. Want to know more? Then follow the full article!

What is black tea for?

According to the Master’s student in Pharmaceutical Sciences Maria Júlia Pereira Reis, black tea has many attributions. Among them the power against fatigue, aging aging and the dreaded migraines.

But the functions of this infusion don’t stop there! That’s because of the famous tea can also treat diarrhea, stress, gastric problems, hypertension and even the uncomfortable stye.

Other benefits

Some of the benefits mentioned above only exist due to the presence of caffeine in black tea. Also thanks to this substance, the infusion becomes an excellent stimulant of the Central Nervous System (CNS). (1)

Another great positive effect caused by black tea is  helping to control diabetes  (2). But beyond that, literature affirms the potential of this infusion in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases and cancer.

In the case of diabetes in particular, it is believed that this effect is a result of the reduction in blood glucose. It is also important to highlight that the herb is still used to fight obesity, one of the factors that leads to diabetes.

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Does black tea lose weight?

The popularity of black tea is due to its reputation as a slimming tea . But is this really true? According to the pharmacy professional, some points favor this idea that such an infusion contributes to weight loss.

The first one is related to the fact that the drink is  low in calories. However, this is not enough to explain the reputation of black tea.

“The plant has flavonoids, when consumed, they inhibit the lipase enzyme . Without it, fats are not digested and some fats obtained through food are eliminated and not absorbed”, explains Maria Júlia.

How to make tea?

For those who want to enjoy all the benefits of black tea, the Master’s student in Pharmaceutical Sciences recommends the production of the infusion as follows:

  • 200 ml of filtered water
  • 1 sachet of black tea

Put the water on the fire and allow it to heat up. Before boiling, turn off the heat and add the sachet. Then cover the container and wait for the infusion to be ready after 5 minutes.

After the specified time, you can drink the tea without adding sugar, honey or sweetener. Up to two cups a day is recommended .

How to make iced black tea?

Contrary to what many might imagine, black tea can be consumed iced, without losing its properties and benefits. In addition, the taste of the drink served this way tends to be milder.

For those who want to follow this modality, just add ice water or some ice cubes to the aforementioned recipe.

black tea with lemon

Also according to Maria Júlia, the mixture of black tea with lemon “ helps cases of heart problems ”. To do this, add the juice of half a lemon to each cup of the ready-made infusion. Stir and drink.

black tea with cinnamon

The association of black tea with cinnamon is beneficial for those who want to lose weight. That’s because cinnamon will optimize the thermogenic effect of the tea .

However, this mixture is not suitable for cardiopathic patients, the elderly, children, pregnant women or nursing mothers.

And regarding the preparation, it is very simple, as you should prepare black tea normally. The only difference is that when leaving the mixture to rest, you should also add one or two cinnamon sticks.

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black tea is mate tea

“It helps to reduce cholesterol and can help to reduce weight” , emphasizes Maria Júlia regarding the mixture between black tea and mate tea.

To prepare this association, just make the teas separately. But when consumables, you must mix them in a single container.

Infusion side effects and contraindications

The use of black tea should be done with awareness, just like any other remedy, natural or not. Otherwise, this infusion can cause digestive problems such as constipation or irritable bowel.

Also, excess tea can alter the nervous system due to caffeine. Parallel to this, the patient may have some symptoms of discomfort, such as headache, nervousness and even tremors.

Another point that deserves to be highlighted is the contraindication. In this case, pregnant women are the first group that should abstain from this natural remedy. This is because black tea is considered abortive or harmful to the health of the pregnant woman and the baby. Children and the elderly should also not consume this tea.

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What are the types of black tea?

As stated at the beginning of this article, black tea comes from several processes involving the Camellia sinensis plant  However, this species of herb also gives rise to other types of tea, such as white, green, yellow and oolong tea.

The difference between these teas is mainly in the way they are prepared. For example, green tea is the only one that is totally unfermented and is used with the leaves still young.

White is prepared from young leaves removed before the flowers bloom. That is, they are harvested when they are still just buds.

The yellow type is the most similar to green. However, in this case the drying of the leaves takes longer, allowing time for them to turn yellow.

Oolong tea, which is also called red, is produced through a fermentation process. In this case, it happens in an average way.

Finally, the black tea that is fermented more of all kinds. And even though it loses much of its antioxidant potential, it is one of the best known in the world.

Now that you know what black tea is for, how to prepare it and how to associate it with other products, it’s time to get down to business. But of course, enjoy the benefits of this drink in moderation and care.