It is estimated that the use of medicinal plants and other natural products to treat diseases is as old as human history.

Herbs and fungi with therapeutic properties have been identified and used throughout human history, due to their ability to synthesize various chemical compounds used in the performance of biological functions and to defend against pathogens.

Among the natural products that can cure certain health conditions is white agaric, a fungus that can be used to treat cases of excessive sweating. In this article, learn about the properties and benefits of this white mushroom tea.

Properties and benefits of Agárico Branco

The white agaric, scientific name Polyporus officinalis , is a white mushroom rich in a substance called agaricin, a poisonous active ingredient used against the night sweats of toxins. In addition to agaricin, this mushroom also contains other active ingredients such as cholesterin, palmityl alcohol and resin.

This fungus develops in larches, is collected in Russia and has been in the Pharmacopoeia since time immemorial, thanks to its astringent and anti-sweating properties. In cosmetics, companies use white agaric for its skin toning and firming effects.

Among the medicinal properties of white agaric are its chlagogue, laxative and respiratory analeptic action. When consumed in small doses, agaricin has the ability to paralyze the nerve endings in the sweat glands.

For this reason, white agaric tea is recommended for cases of excessive sweating. However, in high doses, it is a drastic laxative and the substance can cause headaches.

Internally, the fungus is also used to treat asthma and stress. Found in some health food stores, white agaric is also used as a tincture to treat constipation and slow digestion.

white agaric tea

According to specialized websites, the part used in white agaric is the fruit. It is recommended to prepare an infusion of 1 g per cup before bed, in case of hyperhidrosis (abnormally excessive sweating).

In case the fungus is used as a purgative, it is recommended to prepare an infusion of 2 to 3 g of the product.


White agaric should only be used in short treatments and under a doctor’s prescription. Mushrooms – as well as other natural products – can contain substances that are very harmful to our health, so always look for an expert to make sure you can use the fungus.