Small in size and big in benefits. This is the parallel of the common chamomile, which despite being only 60 cm tall, the plant has a range of important properties to ensure the health of men.

Also called German chamomile, chamomile, macanilla and feverfew, this herb concentrates its active principles in flowers, the main ingredient in the preparation of tea.

Properties and benefits of this plant

Chamomile vulgaris is indicated to regulate gastrointestinal functions, which is why it is considered anthelmintic, antispasmodic and sedative.

It is also known for properties ranging from antiseptic, antimicrobial and analgesic. Thus, this plant has two great benefits: taking care of the health of the stomach and skin.

This natural medicine is indicated to treat colic in children, both intestinal and digestive. It tries to calm the organs that are irritated by some type of food that harmed the organism. This plant also manages to relieve inflammation that may appear on the skin, including more sensitive places such as the eyes and mouth.

How to use ordinary chamomile?

The preparation of tea from this plant is no mystery, just boil a cup of water and then add a tablespoon of fresh chamomile flowers.

Finally, the container must be kept closed so that the infusion can take place efficiently. After 10 minutes of waiting, just strain the liquid and use it for the indicated treatments.

With regard to use, it is noteworthy that there are two different ways. In the first case, the result of the infusion can be applied to the child’s womb to reduce cramps, just moisten the cloth in the tea and place it on the belly. In addition, it can also be used on the face to help with skin care.

Contraindications and general recommendations

Even being a natural medicine, ordinary chamomile tea has its contraindications, such as pregnant women and women who are in the lactation period. This is because, the properties and active principles of this plant can harm the baby’s development while in the womb and can also alter the taste and benefits of breast milk.

In addition to these contraindications, there are also some general recommendations that should be taken into consideration before using this product.

For example, always seek medical advice in the first instance, as only a specialist is able to recognize the health problem and indicate the correct treatment. Only after the evaluation, the patient can ask about the use of ordinary chamomile, whether it is possible or not, as well as about the ideal amount for each case.