Found in Brazil, mainly in the Northeast, South and Southeast of the country, the field basil is also called cow basil, anise, women’s yerba, basil etc.Belonging to the Lamiaceae family, this plant has components capable of fighting various diseases that affect the human body.

Properties and benefits of this plant

  • Analgesic;
  • Antiemetics;
  • Antispasmodic;
  • Antitussive;
  • Soothing;
  • Carminative;
  • Diaphoretics;
  • Digestive;
  • Diuretics;
  • Emmenagogue;
  • Fortifying;
  • Hypocholesterolemia.

With so many medicinal properties, the basil of the field acts in the body to fight inflammation in general and in affections that affect the heart. It also reacts positively when it comes to controlling pain caused by menstrual cramps and constipation. It also fights colds, fevers, coughs, headaches and sore throats.

In addition, it is a great natural remedy for those with urinary, kidney and bone problems. This is all without mentioning the beneficial action that this product has on psychological problems, such as discouragement and nervousness.

Ways to use country basil tea

The dried leaves of this plant can be used in the preparation of two types of tea, one to add to the bath and the other to drink in your daily life.

In the first case, it is necessary to use a kilo of herbs in five liters of water. Bring the mixture to a boil and when it is in the boiling process, turn off the heat. Afterwards, just leave the tea covered and set aside for 10 minutes. After the specified time, the infusion will be completely ready to be used in the baths.

If the intention is to consume the tea cups during the day and thus achieve an internal treatment, it is necessary to add three grams of the dried leaves to a cup of boiling water. Then, the container is covered and the herb is allowed to infuse for approximately 10 minutes. Without adding sugar, honey or any other type of sweetener, the drink must be ingested. The tip is to consume it still warm and at least three times a day.

Recommendations and care

Whenever the body reacts adversely, the best solution is to seek medical help. If it is a type of health problem that can be solved with basil treatment in the field, it is important to consult the professional regarding this use.

In addition, daily consumption must be respected, because even though it is not toxic, the herb can cause some maladjustment in the body.