Using nature to our advantage is an appropriate way to take care of our health. Many are the plants that have already been studied and can now be used to improve people’s lives. An example of these cases is Apodanthera smilacifolia, the scientific name of one of the plants of the Cucurbitaceae family.Popularly called azugue vine, this herb is found in the national territory and is extremely useful in internal and external treatments of the body.

In addition to curing certain health problems, tea made with the leaves of this plant has the function of improving the body’s energy, making the patient feel better during the day.

Medicinal properties and indications of quicksilver vine

  • Anti-inflammatory;
  • Antiophidic;
  • Antisyphilitic;
  • Antitoxic;
  • Blood purifying;
  • Laxative;
  • Energetic.

Taking into account these properties of the quicksilver vine, it is possible to say that this plant improves digestion, preventing constipation. It is also considered a source of energy for those who use it, so it is ideal that the plant is not consumed at night.

In addition to these internal benefits, this plant also has external actions. Examples of treatable problems with vine are: rheumatism, bone pain, herpes, skin rash, syphilis, skin ulcers, hives, etc.

Method of preparation and consumption

The quicksilver tea is simple to make, just 20 g of the leaves of this plant and a liter of filtered water. Before mixing the ingredients, it is necessary to boil the liquid and then add the herb. Then the container needs to be capped so that the infusion can take place correctly. After 10 minutes, the tea is ready to drink.

After preparing this tea, the patient can consume three cups of the drink a day. In addition to being ingested, this homemade product can be used in baths to perform external treatments.