Do you know what it is for and how to make rue tea ? This plant considered mystical and protective is also used in the production of a tea that benefits health if used correctly. Here you will learn the recipe and all the benefits of this drink.

Firstly, rue is considered by science and alternative medicine as an aromatic medicinal plant . It is also found under other names, such as ruta, strong-smelling ruta, stink rue and house rue, for example.

This sub-shrub is widely cultivated in Brazil and around the world, as it is an easy plant to grow. It belongs to the Rutaceae family and is originally from Europe. It is used in recipes, including haute cuisine.

But, what you are looking for here is the rue tea recipe and its benefits. Without further ado, see these answers below:

How to make rue tea?

To prepare rue tea, heat 1 cup of filtered water and turn off the heat when the first bubbles appear at the bottom of the pan. Add 1 tablespoon of dried rue leaves and leave for 10 minutes. Then strain and drink without sugar.

If you use the tea to fight some illness, the indication is to take 3 doses a day for a period of one week. One serving is equivalent to half a cup of the drink.

This tea should be taken three times a day for a week (Photo: depositphotos)

What is it for?

Rue is a plant typical of mysticism, but like many others, it has some medicinal properties. In this way, the rue tea serves to:

  • make the period go down
  • Pain relief
  • Fights anxiety
  • Improves immunity
  • Fights gas and menstrual cramps
  • Alleviates the symptoms of joint disease
  • Helps in treating bacterial infections
  • improves sleep

Did you see? In addition to being a very common plant, rue is easy to grow and has many uses in natural medicine. So, if you have a little space at home and want to plant rue to produce tea, this is a great natural investment.

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Benefits of this tea

That rue has many qualities you already knew! Now we are going to show you, in detail, how each of the benefits of this plant is explained by science. Check out the benefits of rue tea.

make the period go down

At the outset, we have to highlight the most obvious benefit of rue for women’s health. The tea from this plant stimulates menstruation , which helps to regulate the menstrual cycle. It causes light bleeding and uterine contraction, which helps lower menstruation.

Some women’s menstrual cycle is a real nightmare. There are countless physical, mental and hormonal factors that can end up altering female biology. This can make menstruation very difficult.

However, it is important to warn that pregnant or nursing women should not drink this tea. Rue is considered an abortive plant.

Relieves pain

Rue tea brings the plant’s analgesic properties. Thus, the drink can be used to relieve pain such as headaches, migraines and muscle pain.

Fights anxiety

Rue has three properties called undecanone, methylnonylketone and methylethylketone, which are calming . However, its action is more efficient by smell than by ingestion.

So if you are anxious or nervous, prepare the rue infusion and sniff it. It can also help to pour a few drops of essential oil into a glass of water and enjoy the aroma!

Improves immunity

Rue is a natural source of rutin , a substance that improves the absorption of vitamin C in the body. For those who don’t know, vitamin C is an essential nutrient for the body’s defenses.

Thus, the consumption of rue tea is also very good to boost immunity and prevent illnesses such as flu, colds and allergies .

Fights gas and menstrual cramps

Rue tea has antispasmodic action, which helps to combat gas and menstrual cramps . However, the consumption of this drink can alleviate, but it does not act as a remedy for diseases or health conditions that cause these problems.

Alleviates the symptoms of joint disease

The treatment of gout and rheumatism are enhanced when the patient consumes rue tea. This is because, in addition to the analgesic effect (which reduces pain), rue has properties that help alleviate other symptoms of these diseases.

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Helps in treating bacterial infections

Rue tea is also a natural secret in fighting infections and illnesses caused by bacteria . The oil in the composition of rue has antibacterial compounds, which act to eliminate bacteria present in the body, especially in the digestive system.

improves sleep

As mentioned above, rue has calming properties in its composition. However, we emphasize that this action is more efficient through the aroma than through ingestion. So, make a cup of tea and leave it by your bed for a better nights sleep .

Rue tea causes abortion?

Rue is considered an abortive plant, so it can cause abortion . This is due to its direct action on the female menstrual cycle. This plant, like your tea, is able to stop menstruation. During pregnancy, this effect can cause a miscarriage.

Regarded as an emmenagogue plant by medicine, rue causes menstruation. It stimulates the muscles in the uterus to contract , and this causes bleeding. If the woman is pregnant, this uterine stimulation can cause miscarriage or fetal death.

In addition, if a woman drinks tea to abort and is unable to do so, the baby runs the risk of being born with anomalies, deficiencies or malformations .

As well as rue, there are other plants considered abortifacient. Pennyroyal, St. Mary’s wort, Saint-Caetano’s melon, vine-thousand-men and comfrey are some examples of species that can cause abortion. Avoid consuming these plants during pregnancy.

Sweep pushes away from the evil eye?

Finally, one cannot fail to mention the fame of rue as a plant considered mystical and protective . This is a plant widely used by healers , healers and people who practice mystical and religious rituals.

It is a plant that stands out in traditional ritual practices in Brazil and the world. Whether in prayers, blessings, protections or spiritual cleansing , rue is always present or at least is always considered.

It is often used to combat the evil eye and rid the body of bad energy. Many people cultivate street in front of the house to chase away negative energies and evil spirits. This practice dates back to the Middle Ages.

There are even reports that great names in world history used rue for this purpose. This is the case of Leonardo Da Vinci and Michelangelo . Both claim in their writings that the plant stimulated creativity and cleverness.

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Finally, let’s explain some contraindications and necessary precautions for handling and consuming rue. Now that you know how to make and the benefits of this tea, it’s time to know when to avoid it.

Initially, as already mentioned, this tea should not be consumed by pregnant women . Rue is an emmenagogue plant, that is, it can cause menstruation. Its action can cause miscarriages or fetal death.

In addition to being abortive, this tea can cause intoxication if consumed in large amounts or in an exaggerated way. Like any good medicine, the properties of rue can turn into toxins in the body if abused.

In extreme cases of excessive intake of rue (more than 10 liters a day, for example), some organs such as the liver may stop functioning. This case is considered serious and the patient is placed in an induced coma for recovery. If the method does not work, the patient may die.

Children under 6 years of age should not consume this tea . It should also be avoided by people with liver, kidney, stomach and bowel problems.

For more information and a better understanding of the correct use of rue tea, seek a doctor’s opinion. Never start treating yourself to rue tea on your own.