The varieties of tea found in China go far beyond the well-known black and green teas: in that country it is possible to find other types of tea, some of which are quite popular due to their properties, qualities and aroma; while others are quite rare.In this article, find out which are the least common teas from China.

Less common teas from China

White tea

Originating in the Fujian area of ​​China, white tea is prepared by mixing the sprouts of the tea plant leaves and the leaves of the Da Bai (Great White) tea.

To obtain this variety, it is necessary that tea sprouts and small growing leaves are harvested and dried in the sun. The most famous white tea is “Pai Mu Tan”, made by mixing new buds of the tea plant with a few small young tea leaves.

Pai Mu Tan Imperial

Rare, this is a variety of white tea made from small sprouts and young tea leaves, which are harvested in early spring. Once dry, they look like tiny white flowers with small, darker leaves surrounding the bud.

Yin Zhen

Also originating in the Fuijan region, this tea is prepared from new shoots of the tea plant, which are still covered by a sort of silver colored coat. Hence the origin of its name, which means “silver needles”.

Puerh Teas

This tea was named after the city of Puerh, in Yunnan, which is one of the largest Chinese cities where the drink is sold.

Created in Yunnan province, Puerh teas are aged for up to 50 years, with their humidity, temperature and conditions controlled. In this way a drink is produced that has a typically ripe taste, with an extremely mild aroma and taste.

There are two types of Puerh teas obtained through two different methods: naturally fermented Puerh (Sheng Tea) and artificially fermented Puerh (Shou Tea). Both are stored under ideal conditions of humidity and temperature, so that perfect aging occurs. Naturally fermented Puerh teas are kept at rest for 15 to 50 years; Artificially fermented Puerh teas are left to stand for only a few months.

When the drink is ready, it is wrapped in tissue paper or dried bamboo leaves.

Flavored and scented teas

The flavored and fragrant teas from China include Osmanthus, magnolia, orchid, lychee, jasmine and rose gongfu.