Tea is a beverage present in almost every home. As it is one of the best solutions to treat many types of health problems, it is difficult to know someone who has never had a drink to try to alleviate any symptoms.

Usually, after preparing the drink, the tea bag is thrown away, right? But be aware that the list of uses of these tea bags can be as vast as the benefits of the drink itself.

Way to reuse the tea sachet

Alleviate skin irritations

There are several recipes for teas that are good for the skin. In fact, almost all of them have properties that help to slow down the cellular aging process. Well know that the drink bag also has a function for the largest organ in the human body.

Placing the tea bag on top of insect bites helps alleviate and heal the problem. Redness, itching, irritation and swelling on the skin can be reduced thanks to the tannin present in the bag.

The secret is to wet the tea bag with water and press it on the irritated area for up to 15 minutes.

Fertilizer for plants

Putting the bags as fertilizer on the plants is a great way to reduce soil pH. This will also help them to grow mold free.

Avoid rats and insects

The smell released by the bag bothers rats, cockroaches, spiders and other insects. Just spread the tea bag in strategic places like pantries and cupboards.

house cleaning

Replace certain cleaning products with the tea bag. It can be used as an ingredient to reduce stains, grease and impurities from mirrors and tiles. The worse the stain, the longer the bag must remain on the object.

Relieves different types of bad smells

Whoever cooks knows how difficult it is to remove the smell of onions or garlic left in your hand after coming into contact with such ingredients. The tea bag is a great way to eliminate bad smells.

People who sweat a lot through their feet and end up leaving an unpleasant odor on their shoes, can also use it in the bag to alleviate the smell.

The tea bag can also be used inside the refrigerator to absorb food odors.