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Levistic tea – Benefits and properties

by Dianna Leon
Levistic tea

Formerly, the levístico tea was called in French luveshe or in English loveache , which means “pain of love”. Its scientific name is Levisticum officinale . In Brazil, levístico tea is also known as levitic, erba-maggi or ligustica leaves. Its plant belongs to the Apiaceae family.

plant characteristics

The levistic plant grows to approximately two meters in height and its leaves are shaped like small triangles. The flowers of this plant bloom in summer with a color tone that varies between green and yellow. Its foliage has a characteristic smell, reminiscent of a mixture of the aroma of celery, however, it is even stronger, with subtle touches that resemble a lemon scent. The stem of the levístico is hollow and its seeds also have a strong flavor, showing a vague resemblance to that of the clove.

Used parts

To make tea medicinally, the root, leaves and seeds are used from the plant. In cooking, we use stems, roots, leaves and seeds. Within gastronomy, the plant can be used with fresh or dehydrated leaves. A great tip to preserve its properties and use later is to freeze the plant’s fresh leaves.

Main benefits and properties

  • Stimulates sweat production in the body;
  • Helps and prevents discomfort in the digestive system, reducing symptoms such as gas;
  • It has an expectorant effect, ideal to be used during a bad flu or cold;
  • Provides relief from cramps during menstruation, as it has an anesthetic effect;
  • It has healing properties, that is, it enhances the effect of anticoagulants.

Contraindications to levist tea

Levistic tea is contraindicated for people with kidney inflammation and also during pregnancy. Using the drink in direct contact with the skin can also cause skin irritation.

Levistical tea – How to do it?

Bring a cup of water to a boil accompanied by a teaspoon of dried levistic root. After boiling, strain and serve at the table. The levistic tea must be consumed on the same day, a maximum of two cups per person.

Levistic tea with other flavors

To make a levistic tea with other flavors add a teaspoon of rosehip seeds during the boiling process. Strain and serve at table.

The tea can also be combined with cloves and cinnamon and if you want to use the levístico plant completely, make sure you boil it a little.

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