The nomenclature that certain types of plants receive draw people’s attention, in addition to the particular exuberance of some species. With the herb of São Roberto, the two quotes make perfect sense: the first comes from its curious name, then the beauty of the species, which is born in totally improbable places.

St. Robert’s herb is a plant with very jagged triangular leaves. Its flower has five petals and resembles a violet. Despite being small, it draws attention for its pink color and its very characteristic smell, by the way, the whole plant gives off its own smell.

Species of this species can be found in the wild, in the woods and on roadsides. Due to these outstanding characteristics, the plant is also well known for its natural properties, used to treat and fight some diseases.

medicinal properties

St. Robert’s herb has astringent and diuretic properties, so it can be used in the treatment of urinary and kidney stones, dermatitis, rebellious diarrhea, skin disease, suppurating eczema, pulmonary and nose bleeding, inflammation and ulcers.

St. Robert’s Herb Tea

To prepare tea to combat the health problems listed above, you will need a liter of water and 20 grams of St. Robert’s herb. The first step to be done is to bring the water to the fire. Bring to a boil and turn off. Soon after, add the herb and let the mixture rest for 10 minutes, with the container covered.

After this time, use a sieve to remove the herb, leaving only the liquid. To use the tea to help treat whatever the disease is, it is good to follow the recommendation and drink 2-3 cups a day. Remembering that the doctor must be consulted to avoid the appearance of other problems.