If today is one of those days when you’re feeling electric, stressed, and in high spirits. A quick, practical and natural solution to remedy this problem is to make use of mulungu tea.Its medicinal properties help soothe, end insomnia and get rid of stress.

These sensations can trigger a lot of damage to a person’s emotional and psychological control. Therefore, treating them quickly and efficiently is almost indispensable.

about god

Mulungu is a medicinal plant also known as penknife, parrot and cork.

Its scientific name is Erythrina mulungue and it is easily found in health food stores in the form of a plant or tincture. Generally, the used parts of mulungu are the fruits, flowers, bark and seeds.

Indications of God

When the problem is related to a person’s emotional state, mulungu is seen as a holy remedy.

Its use is related to the elimination of problems such as neurosis, anxiety, agitation, hysteria, depression, compulsion, panic attack and sleep disturbance.

Mulungu is also associated with the treatment of diseases such as hepatitis, high blood pressure, cystitis, sclerosis, epilepsy, urinary insufficiency, gingivitis or asthmatic bronchitis.

mulungu tea

Intake of tea can be associated with the treatment of all the diseases listed above, however, women who are pregnant or who are in the process of breastfeeding should not drink it. So are people who suffer from problems with low blood pressure or who use medicines for high blood pressure.

See how to prepare the drink


  • 6g of god bark
  • 150 ml of water

Preparation mode

Bring the water to boil with the mulungu husk. Simmer for approximately 15 minutes. After this process, let the drink cool a little and you can drink it.

Mulungu tea should be taken two to three times a day for three days in a row. However, it is not advisable that the ingestion of tea lasts for more than three days, despite being a natural remedy, it can cause muscle paralysis.