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Java Tea – What is it for?

by Dianna Leon

The java, also known by the name of bariflora, is a shrub-type plant that reaches up to 1.20 meters in height. It has its origin in Asia, however it is present in a large part of the world and, in South America, it can be found in regions with a tropical climate. This is a medicinal plant , with several properties and that helps in the path towards weight loss, as it is a diuretic and helps to eliminate liquids retained by the body.

Java tea properties

Its properties are many, this plant helps fight diseases such as rheumatism, hypertension , gout, urinary infections, heart disease , hepatitis problems, kidney stones and high cholesterol. In addition to being used as an antiseptic and depurative, it can be applied to wounds, for example, to avoid the risk of infections. It also helps with weight loss, as mentioned above, but it is worth remembering that for its slimming effect to be noticed, it is not only worth consuming the plant as a medicine, it is necessary to have a balanced diet and minimal physical exercise.

The java tea can be found in pharmacies and especially in health food stores, and although the use of tea is more common, the plant can also be purchased in capsule format in the same locations.

How to prepare tea?

The preparation of tea is very simple! It takes the amount of 1 tablespoon of the herb for every half liter of water. Mix well and bring the liquid to the fire and wait until it reaches a boil. After this time, smother the tea and let it rest for about 10 minutes.

It is recommended to consume 3 cups a day, always before the main meals.


If used calmly, that is, without exaggeration, the tea has no contraindications. However, despite being a natural product, it is clearly recommended to consult a doctor or specialist in natural products before consumption. Because, even being a medicinal plant, it is important to know that each organism reacts differently to all types of treatment. So don’t start a treatment without medical advice or consultation.

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