Eucalyptus is a very well known plant, both for its large trees, reaching up to 100 meters in height, and for its benefits to human health. Despite having been originated in Australia, this vegetable is widely used by Brazilians and is considered a balm for the lungs, being a great ally in the fight against respiratory diseases.

Health Benefits of Eucalyptus

The properties present in fresh or dry eucalyptus leaves give this plant an expectorant, mucolytic, antispasmodic, antiseptic and febrifuge power. As a result, it becomes an excellent natural remedy for diseases that affect the respiratory system, especially when it comes to catarrh, pharyngitis and bronchitis. And if prepared in the form of gargles, it can be useful to eliminate ailments in the throat and to minimize pain in the mouth.

Also taking into account its antiseptic action, which comes from the essential oil extracted from this plant, eucalyptus also has a positive effect on the urogenital system. For this reason, it can sometimes also be used in cases of cystitis, a dangerous type of urinary tract infection that affects many people.In addition to being prepared as an oral tea, the infusions can be used externally with someones results to alleviate joint and muscle pain, as well as to treat wounds.

Recipes for eucalyptus teas

To alleviate the symptoms of catarrhal processes, the recipe is to use a dessert spoon of dried leaves in a cup of boiling water. Combine ingredients in a container, cover and let stand for approximately 10 minutes. Then strain and, if desired, sweeten with honey or sugar. The tip of this recipe is to drink up to three hot, freshly prepared cups a day.

If you want to intensify these results and achieve them in the shortest possible time, an herbal combination is indicated. Mix the eucalyptus, mullein, thyme and plantain in equal parts. Then place a dessert spoon of this mixture into a cup of boiling water. Then just let the ingredients sit in a covered container for 10 minutes, strain and drink a hot cup of the drink every eight hours.