In the world of plants there is no doubt about the benefits that many herbs have. Therefore, those who want to take care of their health, aesthetics and even those who want to lose weight, can use teas as allies.

But, there are still many questions about the consumption of these drinks, one of them is referring to the use or not of sugars or sweeteners. According to nutritionist Handreza Gomes , the best advice is not to sweeten it.

“When consuming a healthy drink such as tea or juice, the ideal is to avoid adding sugar, as the idea is really healthy consumption”, explains the nutritionist in an Instagram publication.

Also according to Handreza, there are types of sweeteners that can be harmful to the body. “Sugar, especially refined sugar, can cause many damages to health, in addition to adding calories to the consumption of a drink that would only be beneficial”, he points out.

But if the patient is unable to drink the tea without sweetening, the specialist indicates the search for a nutritionist, so that the professional recommends a special sweetener, respecting the limitations and taste of each one.