If you are one of those people who often get respiratory infections, but are tired of betting on syrups, pills and other pharmaceutical drugs, then discover a potent and effective natural remedy capable of stopping these agents that are harmful to human health. Infusions made from this plant have an expectorant, mucolytic, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effect.

The agent in question is called wild pine and promises to solve respiratory problems, rheumatic pain and urinary infections. Products based on this plant are found and prepared in various ways, such as ointments, gels, infusions for baths, steams, essential oils and teas for ingestion.

plant description

Scots pine is a tree that can reach 10 to 30 meters in height, with a straight and cylindrical trunk. The leaves are sharp, hard, bluish-green in color and grow in intertwined pairs. It also has bunches of small fruits that can be masculine, when the color is similar to yellow sulfur, and feminine in the case of the famous pine cones or cones.

It is a plant of Eurasian origin, which grows in the coastal regions and hills of northern Europe. In addition to the high mountainous regions of the Mediterranean area. Its harvested and used parts are its shoots, coats and resin.

Properties and benefits

In the composition of Scots pine stands out its essential oil content, which is extracted from the buds that also emanate an attractive and characteristic odor. In addition to the bitter principles, resin and vitamins. The expectorant and mucolytic properties present in the plant act on the bronchial epithelium, exerting an irritating effect and causing an increase in the production of bronchial secretions, facilitating expectoration, that is, the expulsion of invading substances.

As it is antiseptic, it is also considered an effective remedy to relieve and fight colds, bronchitis and pharyngitis, as well as calming dry and irritating coughs. It also acts as a natural medicine to treat cystitis, an infectious disease that affects the urinary system. Already externally, the products extracted from this plant can be effective in treatments for disinflammation of the body that suffers from rheumatic pain.

Scots Pine Tea

Add two tablespoons of the plant to a liter of boiling water. If you prefer, you can replace the sprouts with some essential oil likes. When you’re ready, just put your head on the container and inhale the vapors coming from this mixture. This form is indicated for people who have a respiratory infection.

If the case is to relieve rheumatic pain, the plant is effective for having an anti-inflammatory and balsamic action. In this way, prepare a bath with the decoction of a handful of sprouts in two liters of water. Let the ingredients simmer for half an hour and then strain. Add water to a bathtub and relax in a refreshing bath.