Mirabilis jalapa , better known as marvel, is a plant belonging to the Nyctaginaceae family . It is an annual herbaceous plant, with an erect, knotty and reddish stalk; the leaves are opposite, petiolate and membranous. Wonder flowers are showy and their colors can vary between red, pink, yellow, white and others.

It is also known by other names, such as jalapa-do-mato, four-leaf, bonina, good night and beautiful night. The use of the marvel as an ornamental plant is widespread, being used in the formation of massifs, clusters and ridges.

This herbaceous is also used in folk medicine

in tea form, however, the drink should never be ingested (it is indicated for external use only), as the wonder’s seeds and roots are poisonous.

Properties and benefits

Thanks to its medicinal properties, the wonder can be used in the treatment of liver diseases, sores, scarring, colic, bruises, abrasions, wounds, herpes, leukorrhea, skin patches, freckles, worms and STDs. The plant parts can also be used as an excellent diuretic and laxative, and the root has aphrodisiac properties.

Wonder flowers are also used in food coloring.

Wonder tea: how to prepare?

First, it should be noted that wonder tea should not be consumed, as its seeds and roots are toxic. The tea from this plant is for external use only, and even then only under the guidance of an expert.

Remember that natural treatments can also be very dangerous to our health! Therefore, always consult a doctor before starting any type of treatment, whether natural or not.

How to use the marvel depends on the health condition being treated. Check it out below:

To treat skin conditions, itching, eczema, erysipelas, itching and bruises:

In a pestle, place two tablespoons of leaves and flowers. Knead into a paste. Spread over gauze and apply to affected parts. Cover with a cloth and let stand overnight.

To treat wounds, itching, hives and rashes:

Place two tablespoons of chopped leaves and flowers in a teacup of boiling water. Bring to a boil for a period of 5 minutes and strain. With the help of a cotton swab, apply the tea to the affected areas twice a day.


As already mentioned, the plant has neurotoxic substances. Therefore, never consume your tea and only start a treatment under medical advice.