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Saffron tea – Benefits and properties

by Dianna Leon

With the scientific name Crocus sativus , turmeric is a plant you’ve probably heard of. It may be popularly known in some regions as saffron, Indian saffron or true saffron. It is a plant belonging to the same family as ginger, whose origin comes from India, where it was used as an ingredient in the preparation of various dishes in the form of seasoning or coloring. This culture arrived in Brazil and it is also possible to find someone who uses saffron to give a special taste to food, but is this its only use? And what makes saffron a popular plant in so many countries?


Often, it is possible to hear from older people that saffron is the biggest and best natural anti-inflammatory there is. It also acts as a powerful antifungal; anticancer; antibiotics; antiviral; antioxidant; antispasmodic; stimulant and sedative.

Benefits and indications

It may be hard to believe that a single plant can prevent the onset of cancer, or aid in its treatment, but turmeric really does. This is because the plant is rich in powerful antioxidants, which act in the body in different ways, such as delaying aging; rejuvenate the body; fight cardiovascular disease and yes, even prevent against cancer and leukemia. And when the individual already has the disease, regular consumption of turmeric – always with proper medical supervision – prevents the cancer from spreading to the rest of the body and greatly increases the possibility of chemotherapy success.

Turmeric is also commonly related to help combat skin problems, reducing the appearance of pimples and acne. Also, its consumption prevents the onset of Alzheimer’s disease and helps control diabetes, regulating the level of sugar in the blood.

Another benefit of turmeric is that, after it has been well macerated, just apply it to painful places on the body and it will progressively reduce the pain until it disappears.

How to prepare tea?

Saffron is a plant that can be highly toxic to the body, if consumed in large doses or without the necessary monitoring. So, we recommend that you heat 1l of water, with only 1g of saffron, and let it boil for 05 minutes. After this period, turn off the heat, smother and container and wait for the tea to warm. So, with the ideal temperature for consumption, drink it twice a day.

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