The spread of dengue ends up being much greater in the summer and, thus, treatments become extremely important for the population’s health and quality of life. Although it is strictly necessary to follow the doctor’s orders when it comes to treating the disease, there is a tea that can help minimize the bothersome symptoms of dengue. Check out.

Siriguela tea against dengue

The recipe for siriguela tea began to be used to combat dengue in Colombia, where its use is widespread throughout the population. Some patients tried the prescription and approved it, with positive results. This was the case of professor Dejanira Franceschi de Angelis, who works as a professor at the Department of Biochemistry and Microbiology at the Biosciences Institute of the State University of São Paulo (Unesp), in Rio Claro (SP). According to her, siriguela tea mixed with grape juice is used in the area to alleviate the symptoms of dengue.

During the month she contracted dengue, the teacher decided to try and feel a decrease in bodily pain and in the usual malaise for patients with the disease. It is still possible to find other patients who showed improvement when consuming the natural medicine.

scientific proof

Although it has been shown to be beneficial for patients who have tried the mixture, the professor assumes that there is still no scientific proof as to the benefits of this tea in the treatment of dengue.

Even each patient can have a different reaction. After all, each organism is different from the other.

Yam and scientific proof

Yam juice is another recipe that the teacher also tried, but this one did not improve. In an interview, infectologist Suzi Berbert determined that, really, there is no evidence as to the effectiveness of yam in the treatment of dengue, but, according to her, any food that alters the smell of human skin can help repel the insect. This is because the Aedes aegypti mosquito, which transmits the dengue virus, is attracted through the odor of the skin.

official recommendations

According to the Ministry of Health, there is still no specific treatment for dengue, and its recommendations are to consume plenty of fluids, such as water, natural juices and tea to combat dehydration, in addition to using paracetamol or dipyrone to reduce fever and body pain. It is also important to have plenty of rest and under in the circumstances consuming medications that have acetylsalicylic acid and anti-inflammatory drugs, as these can lead the patient to dengue hemorrhagic fever.