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Teas to treat labyrinthitis

by Dianna Leon

Labyrinthitis is a disease that directly affects hearing and balance. Labyrinthitis can be caused by compressions, tumors, infections and inflammation within the ear. The disease affects the labyrinths inside the ear and can cause dizziness, tinnitus and malaise.

How to prevent labyrinthitis?

Some care is essential to prevent the disease, so be especially careful with food. Avoid spending more than three hours without eating, make it a habit to drink at least six glasses a day. Remember that the quality of food is what counts and not the quantity, therefore, vegetables should be the majority in the daily diet. Just as sleeping too much gives you more chances of getting the disease. At bedtime do not use a pillow that is too high, in addition to causing pain in the neck, it helps in the onset of labyrinthitis.

Exercise can be essential in treatment and prevention. Simple movements that can be done indoors such as walking in a straight line without looking sideways or down backwards and forwards, walking in a straight line, stopping, taking a spin and continuing to walk straight. It is recommended to do this exercise twice a day

Tea treatment

The individual who suffers from labyrinthitis requires a lot of attention, as these people are afraid to leave the house alone, for fear of falling into the street. Here are some teas that treat labyrinthitis and improve quality of life. With a combination of herbs, the recipe for tea with fennel, rosemary and cloves is formed. Three cloves and a teaspoon of the other herbs are usually used. Then just mix the ingredients with boiling water, then just strain and drink. There is also Ginkgo Biloba tea, it has substances that act as vasodilators. Using the leaves and powder, put thirty grams of Ginkgo Biloba in half a liter of water and drink up to four cups a day.


These teas mentioned are not suitable for pregnant women. Ginkgo Biloba tea is the most used for the treatment of labyrinthitis, but one should be aware that it cannot be used together with salicylic acid.

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