Many people think that because the product is natural it does not harm health. And finding this is a mistake, which can often be fatal. An example of this is the relationship between pregnant women and tea consumption. As much as these drinks are produced with natural elements and in a homemade way, it is necessary a dose of extra attention to know if it is appropriate to drink or not in the condition that you are expecting a baby.Among the several doubts is the cinnamon tea, which despite being highly beneficial for the health of the body, is being indicated as harmful in the case of pregnant women. It is often said that the main ingredient in the drink, that is, cinnamon, can cause situations of extreme discomfort for mothers and even abortion. But, is this true? Before discovering the answer, see what the benefits of this drink are.

Cinnamon Tea Indications

This drink is recommended to treat various health problems and help the body to function. In this way, its consumption improves digestion, fights free radicals, eliminates colds and flu, controls infections and works to regulate cholesterol levels. It also works with the intention of controlling the levels of insulin in the blood, which consequently prevents type 2 diabetes.

In addition, it has thermogenic action and this causes an acceleration in metabolism, helping to burn fat and helping with weight loss.

Use of Cinnamon Tea During Pregnancy: Recommended or Not?

There is no scientific evidence that can confirm the abortive effect of cinnamon tea. However, experts recommend not using this drink for women who are expecting a child. The risk factor, pointed out by researchers, is in one of the properties that cinnamon has: the thermogenic action.

This same action is responsible for the slimming power of the drink and also for raising blood pressure. Pregnant women, in turn, already have hypertension during pregnancy and therefore, consumption of this tea can aggravate the problem and lead to miscarriage. In addition, the natural element of the drink can cause contractions and bleeding, which are two more risk factors for those who are pregnant.

However, when cinnamon tea does not cause abortion, it can harm the child at birth. According to a study published in the  American Journal of Epidemiology, babies of mothers who consumed the drink during pregnancy are more likely to develop psychological problems, such as aggressive behavior, attention deficit and hyperactivity.

For the professor at the University of Edinburgh, Jonathan Seckl, Children can be born with these problems because the properties of cinnamon affect their neurological system. In addition, the mother’s tension and stress after drinking the drink can be felt to the baby during the gestational period. In summary, cinnamon tea can cause miscarriages or leave children with psychological problems.