Belonging to the family of Moraceae, vegetable mercury is a plant that has many medicinal properties, being indicated in the process of treating and curing some illnesses. Depending on the part of the plant that is used, the active ingredient is different, which makes it possible for it to be widely used.

Vegetable mercury is a highly branched shrub. Its leaves have an oval shape, while the flowers are violet or purple when young, white later. One of the characteristics of these flowers also comes from the perfume given off. It bears great resemblance to jasmine.

Depending on the location where vegetable mercury is found, it is not always known by that same name, and may be known as: sweet amapá, congona, mururé, mureru, mureru de terra firme, muirapiranga, among others.

Medicinal properties of vegetable mercury

Vegetable mercury can be used in the process of treating and curing many diseases, as well as providing reinforcement for the body with regard to some special needs. All this can be achieved from the active principles of the plant, which is based on analgesic, antifebrile, anti-inflammatory, anti-rheumatic, anti-syphilitic, depurative properties.

Thus, the plant can be used to combat muscle pain, kidney and male and female reproductive diseases, lack of circulation in the lower limbs, leprosy, rheumatism (of syphilitic origin) and syphilis. The plant also has an aphrodisiac effect, increasing sexual desire in people.

vegetable mercury tea

In most cases, the most used form of preparation of the plant to absorb all medicinal effects is tea. But pay attention! Because the drink cannot be ingested, but used in external form. The only way to make use of the medicinal properties internally is through the extraction of latex. This, in turn, must be mixed with other teas with similar properties.

As for the bark, its use can be done through decoction, which is a way of leaving the plant bark resting in a little water. In this case, all her substance is transferred to water, which can be used as a compress, for example.