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Teas for the treatment of gingivitis

by Dianna Leon
Teas for the treatment of gingivitis

The Gingivitis is characterized by inflammation in the gums where the cause directly related to disease is plaque. Plaque in turn is a viscous, colorless film formed by bacteria on the teeth and gums. This plaque must be removed by brushing and flossing daily, if such care is not enough to eliminate it, it will produce toxins (poisons) that irritate the mucosal region of the gums, thus giving rise to gingivitis.

In the early stage of the problem, treatment is easier to be carried out and the damage can be reversed, as the bone and connective tissue responsible for holding the teeth firmly in place have not yet been affected. However, if gingivitis is not treated, it can progress to what is called periodontitis and damage to the teeth and even the jaw (jaw) permanently.

Among the most common symptoms that appear and classify the condition of gingivitis are: red, swollen and sensitive gums that can even bleed during brushing. There may also be retraction (retrenchment) of the gums, which gives the teeth an elongated appearance; the appearance of bags between the teeth and the gums, where food remains accumulate; bad breath , which is possible to be noticed even in an initial state.

Gingivitis prevention

The prerequisite for efficient oral health is good hygiene, proper brushing and regular flossing are essential. Professional cleaning is also adequate and of great importance, as once plaque builds up and hardens, turning into tartar, only the dentist is able to remove it, so it is advisable to visit the dentist regularly. In general, it is also indicated the correct diet to ensure adequate nutrition, avoid the use of cigarettes and other types of tobacco.

Teas to treat the problem

pomegranate peel tea

Ingredients :

– 50 grams of pomegranate peel

– 1 liter of water

How to do it :

  1. Add the boiling water to a container containing the pomegranate husks;
  2. Leave to rest for a few minutes, use when cool.
  3. Use for mouthwash twice a day. The tea has the function of strengthening the region.

clove tea

Ingredients :

– A tablespoon of cloves

– Two cups of boiled water

How to do it :

  1. Add boiling water to a container with cloves;
  2. Leave to rest and use when cold.
  3. Make mouthwash and after that, clean your teeth with brushing and flossing.

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