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Tea to treat hemorrhoids

by Dianna Leon

Hemorrhoids are characterized by swelling of the blood vessels located in the lower part of the rectum and anus. It is the result of increased pressure in the veins in the anus, causing the veins to swell and become painful. Very common, especially during pregnancy and after childbirth, hemorrhoids can be either internal, when they occur only inside the anus or in the initial part of the rectum, or external, when they appear around the anus.

Swellings are periodic and painful and there may also be bleeding and sores. The most common cause of this problem is straining during bowel movements, but it can also be caused by other reasons such as a cold, anal infections, low-fiber diet, sitting for long periods, and chronic diarrhea.

Symptoms of hemorrhoids

The most common symptoms of hemorrhoids include anal pain, pain when evacuating, swelling around the anus, bright red blood in the stool, toilet or toilet paper; anal itching and tender, hardened nodules near the anus. Some factors are considered to facilitate the diagnosis of hemorrhoids, such as age over 50 years, family history, anal sex, pregnancy and obesity.


Usually, the treatment of hemorrhoids is done with the use of some medications. In some cases, surgical intervention or alternative treatments may be necessary. Among the procedures that can be performed are infrared coagulation, injection, and surgery. There are some teas that can help to treat this problem, but remember that any treatment, including natural medicines, must be done with medical supervision.

Check out some recipes below:

Teas for the treatment of hemorrhoids

Recipe 1


– 1 handful of wormwood;
– 1 handful of horse chestnut;
– 2 glasses of water.

Preparation mode:

In a saucepan, boil all ingredients together for about 15 minutes. Strain and let cool. Drink a cup of this tea three times a day.

Recipe 2


– 1 handful of elderberry;
– 1 handful of coffee leaves;
– 1 handful of witch hazel leaves;
– 2 liters of water.

Preparation method:

In a saucepan, boil all ingredients together for about 15 minutes. Strain and prepare hot sitz baths twice a day.

Other tips

To reduce the itching caused by hemorrhoids, there are some precautions that can be taken:

  • Avoid scratching the affected region;
  • Wear cotton underwear;
  • Avoid using scented or colored toilet paper (use scented wipes instead).

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