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Teas to treat colitis

by Dianna Leon

We call ulcerative colitis an inflammatory bowel disease that can cause inflammation in the lining of the colon. Almost always, as a result of the disease, there are problems with the rectum. Although there are no known causes for colitis, it is believed that there is a genetic predisposition, in addition to being associated with stress, emotional factors and poor diet – based on processed foods as well.

Inflammation of the colon – the largest portion of the large intestine – is a common disease in childhood, but it can happen at any age.


How to treat?

To treat colitis, it is important for the person to relax. Do breathing exercises and chew food very well in order to facilitate digestion. Do not consume liquids that are too hot or too cold and do not consume sweets. Eat apple puree for several days – with the grated apples without the skin – but be careful: don’t do it in large quantities, just do what you’re going to eat. Also consume yogurts and kefir.

It is indicated during the crisis that you put hot compresses in the places where you feel the pain. Renew them several times until you feel the pain disappear. If this is not enough to reduce the pain, prepare a hot bath and stay for 15 minutes. Always consume plenty of fluids and choose to eat natural products. In episodes of diarrhea, avoid consuming foods that have laxative properties such as orange, plum, papaya, avocado, melon and strawberry, giving preference to constipating foods such as cashew, silver banana, guava, peeled apple, rice starch, white flour bread , water biscuits, black tea, apple tea, among others.

There are even some homemade medicines that can help with the treatment. Check out the following topic.

Teas to treat colitis

holm oak

Place a spoonful of pieces of holm oak bark and a glass of water in a container. Boil for two minutes, then strain and consume. The recommended dose is four breeds a day.

Cotton, bartimão, purple ipe and hairy vine.

To prepare this tea, use one tablespoon of cotton, one tablespoon of bartimão, one tablespoon of purple ipe and one tablespoon of hairy vine for each liter of water. Put the water in a container and heat it. When it comes to a boil, turn off and throw the herbs, then capping to leave it smothered. After ten minutes, strain and consume the mixture in a dose of one cup between three and four times a day, repeating the treatment for a period of at least one month.

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