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Teas that act against depression

by Dianna Leon

Depressionnowadays it is considered the evil of the century. It affects people of all ages, races and classes, without distinction. Such affective disorder must be taken seriously. Depressive people tend to have negative, sad thoughts, a feeling of low self-esteem and, in more critical cases, it can even lead to suicide. There are those who say on certain days that they are “depressed”, however, depression, a serious psychiatric illness, should not be confused with a simple sadness that affects anyone throughout life. Depression is often misunderstood by spectators because understanding the mechanism of the pathology is difficult and only those who have actually gone through the condition know how to exemplify the sensation with dexterity. It is a disease that manifests itself in different ways and according to the body of each one,

Chronic depression is one that has milder symptoms than acute depression. In acute, the individual has his routine totally impaired due to the fact that he cannot perform his daily activities in a normal way. The individual is affected by such intense sadness that he stops doing common things like taking a shower or taking care of his personal hygiene and surrenders completely to the disease state.

How to identify depression

Among the symptoms of depression, we can mention:

  • Sudden weight loss or increase;
  • Suicidal thoughts;
  • Boredom accompanied by deep sadness and unwillingness to perform any task;
  • Feeling guilty for no apparent reason;
  • Lack of concentration
  • Insomnia ;

Treatment for depression. How to proceed

The treatment for this disorder is to be made from psychiatric and psychological support. In psychiatric care, possible medications that help the patient to get better will be introduced. However, the analysis of causes and mental hygiene can only be carried out through psychotherapy, which is extremely important in curing depression.

For those who are not adept at taking drugs, there are alternative ways to ease the symptoms of depression. Among them, we can mention the therapy through medicinal teas , which, in addition to being natural, promise to reduce the effects of acute and chronic depression and even those low-spirited moments that appear sporadically in the lives of individuals.

Among the effective herbs, we can mention…

rosemary tea

Infuse (the act of boiling water and pouring into the covered container of the medicinal herb in question) a dessert spoon of the herb in a cup of tea with boiling water. Drink three cups of the solution a day.

white willow tea

Prepare the tea by infusing a liter of water together with 30g of the plant’s leaves, leaving it to rest for about twenty minutes. Drink three cups of tea a day.

St. John’s wort tea

Infuse a dessert spoon of the herb and a cup of boiling water. It should be taken up to a maximum of four times a day.

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