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Teas to treat insomnia

by Dianna Leon

Insomnia is characterized by difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep. There are two types of insomnia : primary and secondary. The primary can be caused by several reasons, such as: alcohol, coffee, anxiety and stress. The secondary cause is mainly related to depression, which requires medical help.

Symptoms such as constant difficulty falling asleep, tiredness and desire to sleep during the day, interruptions during sleep and a feeling of not being refreshed after waking up are characteristic of insomnia. What often makes the situation worse is the fact that when suffering from insomnia, the person starts thinking all the time about sleeping well and getting frustrated for not being able to.


end the problem

Some tips are valid for the so-called sleep hygiene and thus treat insomnia:

  • Avoid caffeine;
  • Do not take naps during the day;
  • Eat at regular times daily;
  • Avoid eating close to bedtime;
  • Go to bed at the same time every day;
  • Avoiding anxiety when trying to sleep;
  • Do something that can relax you before bed.

There are medications for the case of persistence of the problem and for chronic insomnia, which in the latter must be properly prescribed by a doctor. There are also natural ways to treat insomnia, such as some teas with a calming and relaxing effect or even antidepressant.

Learn how to make some of these teas

chamomile tea

It is very popular because of its calming power, see a simple recipe below.

Ingredients :

– 1 cup of dried chamomile flowers

– ½ liter of water

How to do it :

– Boil the water and then add the chamomile flowers;

– Cap and leave to rest for fifteen minutes, after that it will be ready for consumption.

Melissa tea

Perfect for relaxing and calming. Learn how to make this tea…

Ingredients :

– 200 milliliters of water

– Tea from the dehydrated melissa plant

How to do it :

– Put the water to boil

– Place a teaspoon of the plant in the bottom of the cup and add the boiling water

– Leave it to rest for 15 minutes and it will be ready.

St. John’s wort tea

It is a powerful tranquilizer and has powers against depression symptoms.

Ingredients :

– 1 cup of water

– 1 dessert spoon of St. John’s wort

How to do it :

– Boil the water;

– After that, put the herb and let it rest;

– After infusion, it will be ready for use.

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