Yerba carqueja, carqueja, flor-de-carqueija, querqueijeira or carqueija. The name doesn’t matter, but the properties that increase the healing power of this plant do. Despite being a vegetable that has various benefits for human health, it was not always used for this purpose. In the past, it was used to serve as foliage for cattle when the climate was very low. Currently, knowing the richness of its services, the herb is applied to treat various diseases that attack the human body, including diabetes.

Carqueja: Benefits of roots to flowers

Tea made from the herb’s roots is used as a diuretic, cleansing the body of harmful substances; helps fight heartburn; prevents liver problems, making this organ function better; it ends with sinusitis and with disorders in the skin region.

The substance produced with leaves helps in the fight against anemia and eliminates gallstones and diarrhea. It also contributes to problems such as bladder, liver, and kidney spleen disappear—however, the benefits of not stop. Carqueja can also reduce poor blood circulation, urinary tract infections, and appetite, causing those who take it to lose weight.

Its flowers are also used to bring benefits to human beings. As they are edible, they can be present both in salads and in the production of teas and poultices in wounds. In addition to all these advantages, the tea made from flowers also fights a disease that requires extreme care: diabetes.

Fighting Glucose Rates

The pancreas has the function of producing a hormone called insulin, which in turn serves to break down glucose molecules – a type of sugar present in the blood. This hormone’s lack or partial absence causes uncontrolled sugar levels, and the patient is affected by diabetes.

This disease can be characterized into four types, they are:

  • Gestational diabetes: Occurs during pregnancy and, in most cases, is caused by the excessive weight of the mother during this process;
  • Type I diabetes: When the pancreas produces little or no insulin. They are usually found in children or adolescents. Controlling the rates requires daily insulin injections;
  • Type II diabetes: In this situation, the cells are resistant to the action of insulin, and, therefore, the application is not made. The incidence of the disease, in general, affects people after 40 years of age;
  • Other Diabetes situations: They may be associated with other pathologies such as alcoholic pancreatitis, certain medications, etc.

Carqueja tea to cure diabetes

Promotes the proper functioning of the circulatory system, being vasodilating, and purifying. With its antioxidant power, gastric analgesic, intestinal anti-inflammatory, and hypoglycemic action, it is considered a strong ally for those who live with high glucose levels.

It is indicated to cure type II diabetes since insulin application is not feasible. In pregnant women and women who are breastfeeding, it is not advisable to ingest this herb.

Recipe for carqueja tea

If you want to produce an effective tea to fight diabetes, you need two tablespoons of chopped carqueja flowers and 500 ml of water.

Bring all the ingredients to the fire and simmer, on average, for five minutes. Then cover the container and allow it to cool. It is necessary to strain before drinking.

To achieve the expected results, drink no more than three cups of tea a day. More than that amount, the herb can be harmful to health, upsetting the digestive system.