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Teas to treat the voice

by Dianna Leon

One of our most valuable and used instruments, related to our need for communication, the voice requires special care so that problems do not arise, such as hoarseness. Treated as a type of dysphonia, hoarseness is a symptom of some irritation in the vocal cords, which can be caused by various reasons, from temperature variations (they cause irritation and other problems that alter the voice) to excessive use of the vocal tract – especially in the case of professionals who use their voice a lot, such as teachers, singers, speakers, among others. There are some home remedies, such as teas, that help to treat the voice. See some of these teas below:

Teas to treat the voice

Lemon tea

Lemon can be used in juices, to gargle or to prepare teas, like this:


– 3 fresh oregano leaves;
– 500 ml of boiling water;
– Juice of a lemon;
– Honey.

Preparation mode:

Infuse three fresh oregano leaves in 500 ml of boiling water. Leave to rest for 20 minutes. Add the juice of a lemon and sweeten with honey, according to your preference. Drink the tea in small doses throughout the day.

– Another option using lemon is the following: beat in a blender a lemon (with the skin) together with a glass of water. Sweeten with honey to taste and drink it in sips throughout the day.



– 3 cups of water tea;
– 1 grated carrot;
– 1 slice of chopped peeled pineapple;
– Honey.

Preparation mode:

Boil 3 teacups of water in a pot, along with the grated carrot and the chopped pineapple slice, for about 5 minutes. Strain and sweeten with three tablespoons of honey. Take 4 scoops (soup) daily.


Cut a piece of ginger root very thin and place in a glass, covering it with honey. This mixture ferments and helps treat the throat and open the voice of those who need to use it on a daily basis.


Pick some cypress branches or pine cones, wash them and place them in a glass, covering them with alcohol or drinks with a high alcohol content, such as cachaça. To treat hoarseness or hypophonia, use 5 or 6 drops of the tincture in a tablespoon of water or tea, up to three times a day. This tincture will be ready to use the next day, but it can be kept and used for years.

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