It is true that heating in a microwave is not the healthiest way to prepare tea. However, it is an alternative for those who have a very busy day to day and need to prepare an infusion in a very short time.

Furthermore, it becomes a very practical mechanism, for example, to also make teas in workplaces or other spaces without a stove to heat and prepare the infusion.

With that in mind, Tea Benefits went in search of the correct way to prepare tea in the microwave. Check it below:

Step by step to correctly prepare tea in the microwave

initial step

1. Add a sachet or tea herbs into a cup or mug in which the infusion will be prepared;

2. Add water until the tea bag or herbs are completely covered;

3. Take the cup or mug with the herbs or tea bag to the microwave and heat at maximum temperature for a period of 30 to 45 seconds. Tip: if you prefer a very hot tea, increase the indicated time to 60 seconds.

Final step

4. After the recommended time has elapsed, remove the cup or mug from the microwave, cover it with a napkin, and let it cool for up to two minutes.

5. Later, uncover the mug or cup, carefully remove the herbs or the sachet, add, if you like, honey, sugar and/or lemon, stir and then drink or serve. Tip: in the case of sachet tea, do not squeeze the bag before removing it from the cup or mug, as this practice tends to make the drink a little bitter.