Tea is a drink that heats up on cold days or cools on hot days, with its infusion or ice cream versions. It can be used to treat certain diseases, prevent the body against some health problems and also help with healthy weight loss. In addition to all these benefits, tea can also be used in art making.

Aging papers using these drinks is one of the techniques that tea uses in crafts. Simple to make and a good idea for anyone thinking of highlighting poems, schoolwork, letters etc. In this article you will discover step by step how to transform a blank sheet into an aged paper, giving it a parchment look.

First step: choosing paper and tea

Selecting the type of paper and the tea are important in the process and in the final result of the product. For example, the thinner the sheet, the faster the aging process will be. Likewise, if the paper is thick, the technique may take longer to complete. The choice of tea is also essential. The most suitable is black tea, as it has a more favorable color for aging. Green tea, for example, does not turn the paper yellow.

Write on paper before the aging process

When the leaf is wet with tea, it becomes wrinkled and the pen or printer ink does not adhere evenly. In this way, after choosing the materials that will be used, write on the sheet that will undergo the artisanal transformation.

third step: painting

If you want the sheet to look older, you can crumple it into a small ball. Then open the paper and straighten it. At this point, place it in an oven-safe aluminum pan. Prepare tea with hot water and some sachets. After infusion, pour the contents onto the sheet.

Other ways to paint can be with brushes or with the sachet itself. Let the sheet undergo a natural drying for approximately five minutes and then rub the edges of the paper, so that it takes on an old look, worn over time. Place the pan in the oven and leave until the paper starts to peel off the container.

If you prefer to let the leaf dry in the wind, this can also be an option. The result will take longer to be ready, around an hour. However, the effect is similar.