Have you ever gone through that “embarrassment” of spilling the little thread that has the function of pulling the tea bag when putting the hot water on? This is quite common and even annoying. However, there is a very simple way to prevent this from happening again: wrap the cord around the handle of the mug!

precious time

We are in a rush of times. There are a thousand and one activities to do on a daily basis that takes us every second. This can be very dangerous when we think about food, because in a hurry we usually opt for the easiest, simplest and fastest options. Frozen food, sausages, canned goods and other industrialized products are frequently part of our menu. None of these foods, however, correctly fulfills the function of food due to the lack of nutrients and exaggerated amounts of sodium in their compositions. But what about teas? Do they also have the opposite effect?

Tea bag x natural tea

Studies done have indicated that the tea bag is much less rich in nutritional properties when compared to the natural version. This happens with polyphenols, for example, which are antioxidants naturally found in herbs used in teas. The amount of polyphenols in a tea bag is practically nil, reducing the properties so sought after in infusions. Also, to take advantage of this “remnant” of antioxidants, the drink should be consumed as soon as possible, as the benefits wear off quickly.

The best option, always, must be the tea made with herbs in natura and without any sweetener – with the exception of bee honey. However, it’s okay to consume the bag versions from time to time, after all, they are quick and tasty options, much healthier than a can of soda, for example.