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How to store teas?

by Dianna Leon

Proper storage of teas is very important to ensure their freshness, aroma and taste. Contact with air causes gradual oxidation and changes the properties of the leaves over time. Be it loose leaf tea or tea bags, there are the best places and containers to store tea and ensure its longevity.

Tips for preserving teas

To maintain the good taste of the tea, which depends on its state of conservation, it is recommended to keep it in a hermetically closed container, to avoid contact with air, and store it in a cool, dark place, where there is no temperature fluctuation and sun exposure.

It is advisable that the tea leaves be stored in containers suitable for food, dark and with airtight lids, preferably in metal or ceramic cans or jars. The teas in boxes, bought in supermarkets, come with the bags protected and can be kept in their original packaging. If the tea bags do not have any protection, they will be more exposed to the air even inside the package. For this reason, it is best to transfer them to a can or other suitable container. Be careful not to store different teas in the same bottle, so that their aromas do not mix.

The best places to store teas are in the kitchen cupboards or the pantry, as long as they are not near appliances, exhaust fans or other heat sources.

From the moment a pack of tea is opened, its initial freshness begins to be lost. If you don’t drink tea regularly, it’s best to buy a little at a time.

Remember to keep mildly scented teas separate from stronger teas and respect the shelf life of the product. If well preserved, tea does not spoil easily, it just loses its fragrance and flavor, but it should not be kept for many years.

It’s better to avoid…

In addition to tips to preserve tea properly, there are some recommendations on what to avoid so that the product is always good. Check it out below:

  • Even if you keep teas in a proper cupboard, never put them together with other strong-smelling products, such as coffee and spices;
  • Don’t keep tea for many years;
  • Avoid light, humidity, air and heat, as these factors cause the tea to deteriorate quickly and unpleasantly.

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