Blueberry is a fruit that has numerous benefits, from cancer prevention to diarrhea. Its uses are so vast that they are already present in the leaves of the plant, used to combat various problems caused, for example, in the kidneys. But it is necessary to be careful when picking them.

at harvest time

Pay attention to the coloration. Avoid leaves that are stained or have brown and yellow tones. It is essential to harvest the healthy plant, which will have a reddish or purplish appearance and will be approximately the size of a thumb. After harvesting, place bunches of approximately 40 leaves in a brown bag as the material will help with drying.

Try to empty the bag onto a flat surface and organize them into single layers. The ideal place to store blueberry leaves is in an environment away from direct sunlight and drafts.

After a week (time will vary depending on the shape and care taken when storing the plant) the leaf will look dry and crunchy. Store them in a completely closed container until tea time.


If you intend to grow the plant, be aware that the blueberry has certain requirements. The ideal soil for planting is one that contains greater acidity, little moisture and a high content of organic composition.

Blueberry bushes bear fruit between September and October. An important tip is to harvest the leaves after this production period.

Benefits of tea

Blueberry leaves have a higher antioxidant concentration than the fruit itself. Its tea helps fight cancer prevention, various kidney problems, cardiovascular and lung diseases and even Alzheimer’s.

the fruit

In addition to the leaf, the fruit also contains numerous benefits, which you can check in this other publication of Tea Benefits on Blueberry .