The rush of everyday life leaves people liable to commit small accidents. Spilling tea on clothing is one of those most common disasters caused by haste. The worst thing is that, in addition to running the risk of getting burned or hurting someone else, the liquid gets dirty and sometimes stains the clothes, giving a certain amount of work to the hurried and clumsy people who spill the drink over them.

Thinking about the difficulty that many have when washing the items stained by this tasty liquid, the Tea Benefits set out basic and easy-to-make recipes, which are capable of removing stains without harming the affected clothes. But, before testing any of them, it is important that you read the contents of the labels and see the product washing instructions. If possible, test each method in an area of ​​poor visibility to avoid damage to the part.

Home recipes to remove tea stain from clothes

sodium borate

Isolate clothing stain in the mouth of a container and secure with a garter. Then pour very hot water over the affected area so that the liquid overflows the tissue. After this procedure, add two teaspoons of sodium borate to a cup of warm water and stir the substance well. Let the mixture sit for approximately 10 minutes.

After the proposed time, pour the substance into the stain and let it act for a few minutes. Finally, wipe the area with a clean cloth until the stains disappear. If the situation does not improve, you can repeat the procedure.

Detergent and vinegar

In this recipe you will use detergent and vinegar separately. First, mix a teaspoon of neutral, non-chlorine detergent in a glass of warm water. Then wet the tea stain. Repeat this process more than once.

Afterwards, wet the same place with white vinegar and soon after apply the neutral detergent again. Wet the part of the piece that is stained with warm water and, at the same time, wipe it with a sponge soaked in clean water. If for some reason the recipe has no effect on the stain, you can change the vinegar to a little alcohol.

Sodium bicarbonate

Moisten the area you want to clean with hot water and then pour in a certain amount of baking soda so that the entire stained part is covered with powder and rub it into the fabric. Then, just wait for the substance to be absorbed by the cloth. Finish the cleaning with a complete washing of the piece, Achieving someones result.