This plant belonging to the Amaranthaceae family, the parakeet can be known by several other names, depending on where it is found. Among the most common, we highlight the thorn parakeet. As with other species of the world’s flora, the parakeet has many health benefits.

Even in the case of a natural plant, it is important that the doctor is consulted, even before resorting to any natural recipe that uses the parakeet as an ingredient. This will ensure that the patient does not develop any type of complication caused by an unexpected reaction between the plant substances and the human body.

In natural medicine, the part of the plant that can be consumed is the leaves. They enter as the main ingredient in the composition of tea used as an alternative treatment for some diseases.

Medicinal properties of the parakeet

This species of plant has medicinal properties that can help in the process of treating and curing some diseases. Among the main ones are: childhood diarrhea; stomach, liver and intestinal discomfort, kidney problems and discomfort experienced by children in the development of the first dentition.

parakeet tea

After the doctor’s approval, the parakeet can be included in the fight against any of the diseases mentioned above. For this, the most advisable way is to prepare the tea, so you will need 200 ml of filtered water and a handful of fresh or dried leaves of the plant.

The first step to be followed is to put the water in a pot to boil. As soon as you notice that the water is already bubbling, just turn off the heat and add the herb leaves. Let the container rest for about 10 minutes. Don’t forget to leave it capped.

After this time, remove all the parakeet leaves with the help of a sieve. Soon after, the drink will be ready to be ingested. The indication is that the daily consumption does not exceed three cups.