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Tea from the pyrole plant is a powerful natural diuretic

by Dianna Leon

It is common to find in informal conversations people who say they feel bloated, even eating in a balanced way. The symptoms of this swelling or fluid retention can be seen at the end of the day, when the legs get compression marks from the clothing from having swelled throughout the day, and in rarer cases the swelling is partial, occurring only in part of the body. , as in just one leg, one foot or one arm.

The cause behind fluid retention can be varied: from excessive heat in the day or too long standing, heart problems, a new medication that changes the permeability of blood vessels, thyroid disease, among other factors. At worst, swelling can be a sign of thrombosis and needs to be properly evaluated. So, first seek medical help to rule out any serious problems. If it’s simple, you can include Pirole plant tea in your daily routine and feel the difference this excellent natural diuretic makes.


What are the benefits of tea from the pyrole plant?

Composed of arbutin, glycoside and cane sugar, the plant has great diuretic properties, making it the perfect substitute for those thinking of opting for diuretic remedies. If ingested regularly, the bladder and bowel function in a more orderly fashion, causing the swelling to be gradually eliminated, and consequently losing a few pounds.

drinking tea

Harvest the leaves of the pirole plant, place them in a covered container with water and boil them. After boiling the leaves in water, wait a few minutes with the container still covered, and then pour the amount that will be eaten into a cup. Repeat the procedure between 2 and 3 times a day, always before meals.

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