From the preparation of certain teas, the treatment or cure for many diseases can be a reality. This is the case of tea from Ceylon . See now what it is for , what diseases you can treat or avoid and what is the best way to consume it.

Ceylon tea has healing properties and also minimizes the risk of heart attacks. But, its benefits don’t stop there. In order for it to be used effectively in natural treatments it is necessary to be aware of consumption.

This care applies not only to the ingestion of this drink, but also to several other teas. This is because, even if it is a natural ingredient, when ingested inconsequentially, it can lead to a series of problems.

Therefore, the most sensible thing is to seek a doctor. In this way, the treatment can be done in the safest and most effective way. What’s more, problems such as allergies or malaise can be avoided.

How to consume Ceylon tea

Before proceeding with all the properties and benefits linked to the ingestion of Ceylon tea, it is good that you have a little knowledge about the correct way to consume it, since the success of your treatment depends on it.

It is worth noting that the herb is originally from Sri Lanka. Added to this, the country stands out as the main producer of the herb. Ceylon tea is a type of black tea that has caffeine in its composition.

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To prepare Ceylon tea, the herb used must be the original one, coming from Sri Lanka. This care is the main thing, since it makes you more sure that the herb is as pure as possible.

Nowadays, due to the easiness in the production and commercialization of the products, some brands already import the herb to offer it in sachets, in supermarkets. But if you don’t have access to pure herb, it’s worth taking a risk.

With the pure herb, in addition to quality, the patient can be assured of the characteristic flavor and all the benefits preserved . This herb can be found in stores specializing in natural products, on the internet and even in supermarkets.

Intake of Ceylon Tea

After finding the right herb to make the tea, the patient now has to worry about the dosage . As stated at the beginning of the article, the most sensible thing is to go to the doctor. He will ensure that the drink treatment is done correctly.

That’s because, the existence of other diseases can lead to a more specific care with the ingestion of Ceylon tea. So it’s not worth taking chances, especially when health is at stake.

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Some professionals recommend that Ceylon tea intake should not exceed three cups a day, safeguarding in special situations. However, she must be submitted to medical supervision.

How to prepare Ceylon tea

Now it’s time to learn step-by-step how to prepare Ceylon tea:


  • 250 ml of filtered water;
  • 1 teaspoon of Ceylon leaves.

Method of preparation

To prepare Ceylon tea you will need a pot with a lid. Bring the water to a boil. As soon as it shows the first signs of boiling, turn off the heat and add Ceylon.

Leave the pot covered for five minutes. This care is fundamental for Ceylon to release all its properties into the water. After time, collect the leaves with the help of a sieve.

When ingesting, it is not recommended to use sugar, honey or sweetener, precisely because of these substances compromise the effectiveness of the drink.

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Properties and Benefits of Ceylon Tea

As with green tea and white tea, Ceylon originates from Camellia sinensis . What adds all the benefits to Ceylon is the way it is cultivated, taking into account the climate and altitude conditions.

Ceylon tea is grown in Sri Lanka, on a mountainous island with a warm climate and varying altitudes. These areas range from 600 to 1200 meters above sea level. This variation influences the flavor, aroma and color.

With regard to health, Ceylon tea can be used to reduce the risk of heart attacks . In this way, it is good for the health of the heart and the entire coronary system.

Ceylon tea also has healing properties , being indicated in the treatment of wounds, scratches and burns. The drink can also be used for the purpose of preventing the incidence of cancer .

For patients who have problems with their bones, the intake of Ceylon tea is well indicated. It can also prevent diseases such as osteoporosis . As for teeth, their properties help to fortify them.

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Research by University College London indicated that Ceylon tea helps reduce stress  and also has antioxidant properties, slowing down the natural aging of cells.