Nature is full of plants beneficial to human health, but which are unknown to common sense. A good case to exemplify this situation is Cecropia peltata, scientific name of caxeta, a plant that belongs to the Cecropiaceae (Moraceae) family.This same herb also has other names, such as imbaúba, ambaí, ambaitinga, imbaíba, pau-de-lixa, umbaúba, ambaú etc.

Caxeta: properties and benefits of this plant

  • Astringent;
  • Analgesic;
  • Antidiabetic;
  • Antiseptic;
  • Antitussive;
  • Cardiotonics;
  • Healing;
  • Decongestant;
  • Diuretics;
  • Expectorant;
  • Hypotensive;
  • Soda;
  • Sedative;
  • Vulnerary.

These medicinal properties are responsible for the benefits provided to human health, such as airway disorders, such as bronchitis, asthma, cough, whooping cough and chronic bronchitis. The plant is also suitable for those who have skin problems, such as allergies, warts, wounds and ulcers.

In addition to these benefits, Caxeta is beneficial in the treatment of diseases such as diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, hypertension and cardiomuscular weakness.

Preparing the tea box

The properties and benefits are found in the roots and leaves of the box, for this reason it is recommended to prepare the tea with these parts of the plant through the decoction process. To do this, just put 30 g of the herb root or leaves in a liter of water. Then, take the container with the mixture to the fire and let it boil for five minutes.

After removing from heat, the drink must be strained and served without the addition of sugar, honey or sweetener. The tip is to consume up to four times a day and the liquid should not be stored in the refrigerator for more than a day, as this way the tea is prone to losing its properties and positive effects in relation to the patient’s health.

Essential care with this tea

There is still no scientific evidence about side effects of this tea, however it is always indicated that consumption is not done excessively. This is because, even if it is a natural product, there are certain substances that in excess in the body can cause intoxication. In addition, it is worth a visit to the doctor before applying any alternative treatment.