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Saw Palmetto Tea – Benefits and properties

by Dianna Leon

Many plants are part of our daily lives and are known throughout the country, from North to South. Others are not so well known, but they have the ability to do wonders for the body when consumed in the form of tea. One such plant is Saw Palmetto, whose scientific name is Serenoa reppens. It is a small palm tree, originally from South Carolina, United States. In French it is called sabal; in Spanish from serenoa; in German from sägepalme and in English from saw palmetto. It is recognized for having thorny and serrated stems, which fall towards the base of the leaves. Learn about the properties and benefits of this plant, to know how to use it to your advantage.


The main properties of the saw palmetto plant are:

  • Antiestrogens;
  • Anti-inflammatory;
  • Antiseborrheic;
  • Aphrodisiacs;
  • Diuretics.

Benefits and indications

With the emergence of saw palmetto, and its supposed benefits for the human body, many studies and research were carried out to prove the plant’s efficiency. It has been found that one of the greatest and most important uses of the plant is as an inhibitor of the growth of cancer cells in the prostate in cases of benign tumors. The plant prevents cells from proliferating and the tumor from spreading throughout the body.

As a diuretic, saw palmetto is indicated to help treat urinary infections, urinary incontinence and kidney problems. It stimulates the elimination of liquids in the urine, also eliminating several bacteria and toxins, causing a kind of “cleaning” in the urinary tract. Another positive point of its diuretic property is that with the elimination of fluids there is no retention, as a consequence the body deflates and the person loses a few extra pounds.

Asthma and respiratory sufferers can also get relief from regular saw palmetto consumption, as can people who experience severe hair loss, premature ejaculation and sexual impotence.

Preparation mode

Saw palmetto can be found in powder form at pharmacies and health food stores. Boil the amount of water equivalent to one cup of tea, and with the water still hot in the cup, pour a tablespoon of saw palmetto powder. Stir well with a spoon so that it dissolves completely, and with a warm temperature, drink the tea.


So far, no side effects or contraindications have been reported, but it is important to remember that any drug treatment – ​​whether natural or pharmaceutical – must be guided and monitored by a trusted specialist, especially in cases of serious diseases such as tumors

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