Teas, regardless of their flavor or their benefits and properties, are increasingly appreciated around the world, becoming part of the routine of thousands of people. There are tea houses spread across the four corners of the world, and they are excellent options for those who like to travel and also enjoy this type of drink. Check out our selection of 5 tea houses to discover around the world:

Las violets, Buenos Aires, Argentina

For those who like closer places and want a trip to Latin America, the tea house Las Violets is an excellent option. Inaugurated in 1884, this house receives regular visits from customers who enjoy tea at five o’clock in a cozy atmosphere and with everything they are entitled to. With impressive stained glass, the place has high quality teas and two tea menus, called “Maria Cala” and “Violetera”.

Tee Gschwendner, São Paulo, Brazil

If you thought that Brazil would be left out of this list, you were completely mistaken. The store, which opened in 2008, is known around the world and has as one of its specialties a delicious bread with cream cheese and smoked salmon that, usually, following the suggestions, comes with white tea with flowers. If you like sweets, another specialty of the house is chocolate cake, accompanied by Moroccan mint tea. The house has 37 different teas in its menu, including an exclusive option for children.

Alice’s Tea Cup, New York, United States

Among the best tea houses in the world, Alice’s Tea Cup was opened in New York in 2010 and has a magical environment that tries to recreate the fantastic world of Alice in Wonderland story. The place, worthy of a fairy tale, has a very large and varied list of teas that are accompanied by various delicacies.

The Wolseley, London, England

And of course England could not be left out. The Wolseley is one of the most famous tea houses in London and has been open since 1921. With sweets, pies, fruits, mini sandwiches, as well as a variety of snacks and especially teas, the house opens at 3pm offering irresistible delights, of which two main teas stand out: champagne tea and creamy tea.

Caj Chai Teahouse, Barcelona, ​​Spain

In Barcelona, ​​the Caj Chai Teahouse opened in 2004 and gained a lot of space among the prominent teahouses around the world. With over 100 types of teas, the selection involves artisanal beverages and some of the most luxurious teas in the world. There you can still do some courses, workshops, tests and small ceremonies enjoying all these delights.